Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday -- The Beatles' "Ticket to Ride"

Seemed appropriate, seeing how we've got ice all over the place here in scenic Arkansas.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If you have cats, avoid this shampoo

There's at least one good thing about going bald -- I, The Hawg, can buy the cheapest shampoo on the market and not feel the least bit bad about it.

Yes, I could probably get away with washing what little hair I have left with a bar of soap. However, I go ahead and spend that $1 to get a bottle of cheap old Suave. I don't care about silky, shiny, full body or any of that rot as I don't have enough hair to bother.

Suave has never let me down. Well, almost never.

I bought a bottle of Cucumber Melon Splash shampoo from Suave's Naturals line. Who wouldn't want to wander around all day with a head that smells like a melon?

That kind of reminds me of an old joke -- "That girl is melancholy. She's got a head like a melon and a face like a collie!"

I had a roommate in college with a fiance we called Ol' Melancholy. He didn't care much for that. She ran off on him with another man to New York a few years later, got pregnant by her new man and asked my roommate to be the godfather of the kid. She was insane.

Anyway, I've had trouble with that Cucumber Melon Splash stuff. We've got a kitten around here who loves it. I don't know what they put it the shampoo but it drives the kitten out of her mind.

This morning, the shampoo-induced kitten got her paw snarled up in my hair a few times and eventually bit my head.

I don't think I'll buy that shampoo anymore. Suave makes plenty of cheap shampoo, so I'll stay away from the kitten's favorite brand in the future.

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's fun to watch another dysfunctional bunch of sports fans for a change

I hope you good people took a look at that YouTube video -- that was Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs being heckled by Auburn fans.

Why was Jacobs being given such a hard time? Because the school went and hired Gene Chizik as the head football coach. Frankly, I'm not sure why they got rid of Tommy Tuberville -- a coach who went 85-40 (52-30 in the SEC) -- and replaced him with a coach who went 5-19 (2-12 in the Big 12) at Iowa State.

As I've mentioned time and time again, I'm an Arkansas Razorbacks fan. Because of that, I can't throw any stones at Auburn because we've made our share of idiotic coaching moves here in the Natural State.

The one that still makes me mad, of course, has to do with that idiot Houston Nutt, a head coach who managed to achieve a sparkling 4-7 record at Boise State before he wound up as the coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. It's fascinating to note that Tuberville was in the running for the job, but that sleazy Nutt wound up with the job somehow.

It's also worth mentioning that Boise State improved substantially after Nutt packed up his trailer, his insane wife and headed to Arkansas.

So, I feel your pain, Auburn. I just hope Chizik works out better than Nutt did here. If not, you're looking at several years of fans wearing black shirts to ball games and a coach who makes the state look bad every time he opens his mouth. Hopefully, Chizik won't be an embarrassment to Auburn.

A lot of us hated Nutt for the majority of his tenure here. Yes, he had a great first season and the program simply went to hell after that. In addition to his lack of coaching skill, his off-field shenanigans and delightfully odd behavior at press conferences during games and press conferences made fans simply loathe him. Here's hoping Chizik fares better at Auburn.

If he does turn out horribly, however, there's still hope -- Ole Miss will get sick of having Nutt around as head coach before too many more seasons and that school will apparently hire anyone.

By the way, some irate Auburn fan has already had some fun with Jacobs' entry at Wikipedia. I'll quote that here before it gets changed:

"Jay Jacobs is the current director of athletics for the Auburn Tigers athletic department.

He was named Auburn's 14th Director of Athletics on December 22, 2004, after working in almost every area of the Auburn Athletic Department for the previous 20 years. He has recently come under controversy for his hiring of Auburn's new football coach, Gene Chizik. Though Chizik had a 5-19 record as a head coach prior to the hiring, he is white and likes to drink whiskey with Pat Dye, making him the ideal candidate for continuing Auburn's historical approach of putting out marginally successful, probation-riddled football teams."

It's a nice of pace to see some SEC fans other than the ones here in Arkansas upset about a coaching hire. Still, good luck to Auburn.

Thanks, by the way, to fellow blogger Paul Eilers over at Paul's Health Blog for sending the YouTube video my way.