Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Hawg gets interviewed


Yes, it has been hard to update this blog lately. That’s been going on for the past few years, actually.

Why? Well, I’ve been busy. While I do have a regular gig, I spend a lot of time writing for a lot of online and offline publications. I even have the good fortune of laying out a quarterly journal for a trade group here in Arkansas in Adobe InDesign.

I was thinking about these things earlier when trying to bring myself to update this little ole blog. About the time I was thinking about a topic, the phone rang – a local radio station wanted to interview me about the reversal of a Bankruptcy Court decision that had slowed down foreclosures in Arkansas. I talked about that issue a bit in this article for an online publication just yesterday (I got called for another interview).

The point? I’d like to update this site more, but I’ve been busy as heck with other things. That’s a true shame. I’ll try to do better. Promise.

The cure for skin care blues for all ages?

Ah, the joy of being a teenager!

Teens have more energy than their poor parents (I know this from experience), can eat pretty much anything they want and are – compared to us poor adults – pretty darned spry. There’s a tradeoff for all that dandy youth, however – acne.

My 15-year-old is going through all of that fun right now. The poor little rascal fights with the stuff about daily and appears to be in a losing battle. However, there’s one company out there that claims to offer some help and that’s good news (click the above “acne” link for details about that and I’ll mention it again in a minute).

Ah, but skin problems don’t stop with acne, do they? No, once those days are over, it’s time to start worrying about aging. Yes, few things are harder on skin than aging, but a product called (appropriately enough) Resurgence may help people restore that youthful glow.

Why mention both acne treatment and the Resurgence product in the same post? Because both products at issue here are made by a company called Murad. You can get Murad coupon codes at the aforementioned link and see if those products work as well as the company claims. There’s a lot to be said for a company that puts its money where its mouth is – give those products a try on the cheap and see if they work for you.