Saturday, June 1, 2013

Because protecting against fraud and identity theft is important

Like it or not, a good credit score is very important in this day and age. Unless you’ve got piles of cash lying around, a solid credit rating is the one thing that will give you access to capital should you need to purchase a home, a car or handle an emergency.

By the way, the notion that you’ve got to be wealthy to have a good credit report is simply false – anyone can establish a good rating, provided they exercise caution when it comes to dealing with debts.

Here’s a very uncomfortable reality – there are a lot of people in this world who will seize on a solid credit rating and exploit it. We’re talking about identity theft here – a nasty little practice in which people pretend to be someone they are not and use that identity to finance all manner of things.

Identity thieves are attracted to great credit scores for obvious reasons – someone with good credit has a lot more access to capital than someone who does not. Once an identity thief is done, that great credit score will turn into a dreadful one and the victim is left with the terrible task of trying to clean up a mess.

The best way to defend against an identity thief is to be on guard against one – to make sure someone who knows that they are doing is monitoring your credit report and protecting it from fraudsters. Want to find that knowledgeable someone to protect you and your credit rating? Just click one of the links in this post, pilgrim, and you’re on your way.