Monday, February 3, 2014

Don’t feel bad, Broncos fans – the 2014 Super Bowl appearance was par for the course


I’ve been a Denver Broncos fan since way on back in 1977. Why? I always watched football with my dad and I wanted a team of my own to root for while doing it.

I suspect that a lot of people became Broncos fans in 1977 because that was the famed Cinderella year in which the Broncos beat all expectations and made it to the Super Bowl. You had a team with no significant NFL playoff history that got great all of the sudden. You had Craig Morton – the former Cowboys quarterback who was cast off in favor of Roger Staubach – was one of those guys you just had to pull for. He was nearing the end of his career and everyone likes to see the underdog defy expectations, right? You also had the Orange Crush defense that was getting games won for the team.

Yes, 1977 was a great season for the Broncos. Well, it turned sour during the 1978 Super Bowl when the Dallas Cowboys easily handled Denver and won 27-10.

That first Super Bowl appearance set Broncos fans up for more disappointment. There was the 39-20 Super Bowl loss against the Giants in 1987. That was followed by the 42-10 drubbing Denver took from Washington in the 1988 Super Bowl. And, who could forget about the embarrassing 55-10 loss to the 49ers in 1990?

Denver redeemed itself somewhat in 1998 when Denver finally won a Super Bowl by beating the Packers 31-24. Denver followed that victory by crushing the Falcons 34-19 in the 1999 Super Bowl.

Since then, well Denver’s had some great seasons but it wasn’t until the 2014 Super Bowl when the Broncos played yet again for a national championship. The result? A 43-8 loss against the Seahawks in a game where nothing went right for Denver (the Broncos fumbled the first snap of the game, resulting in a safety).

So, the Broncos have a dismal Super Bowl record of 2-5. No, this year’s Super Bowl loss was nothing new for the Broncos, was it?

Because putting photos on canvas is cool

One of the best family photos we took was one that was put on canvas so it has that “fine art” vibe to it. The thing looks great and has been a decent conversation piece over the years.

Here’s the problem with that photo, however – it cost and arm and a leg. We went to a professional photographer and had to pay for the photo session. After that cost, we had to spend additional money to get a big old frame photo that we could stick on our wall.

But, what if you have a good photograph around already that you’d like printed on canvas? Can you get that done without paying a lot of cash? Yes you can thanks to the friendly folks at Photo 4 Canvas (click the link for more information or play the above video for even more information).

Just click the link and you’ll find a site that can help you get the canvas treatment you want at a cost you can afford. In short, you submit your photo and they’ll handle the rest.

Ah, but the company is more helpful than that. If you have a low resolution photo that won’t look good when printed, you’ll know before you choose to buy a print. Oh, and the company will even email you a print before going to press so you’ll know exactly how it will look. That service is free of charge, too.

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Remember all that chatter in the 1990s about an “Internet revolution?” A lot of that was advanced by companies that sold dog food and such on the Internet. Thank goodness, in the 21st century, online retailers have learned what items people want when they shop on the Internet and how to make things convenient for their markets.