Saturday, February 12, 2011

OTR serials

Yes, The Hawg is an old time radio nut.

I love those old OTR programs -- can't get enough of the things. I was born well after those had been shoved out of the way to make way for television, but that doesn't matter one whit.

I've got another site -- First Arkansas News -- that's been keeping me busy for close to a year now. Rented my own server space. Installed Wordpress. Modified the heck out of a template to suit my needs. Fun stuff.

Speaking of fun, I just started a new section over there -- click here to check out the OTR serials on it. We're talking about great stuff -- Superman, Lum and Abner, Little Orphan Annie, One Man's Family and Flash Gordon. The page will be updated often and more programs will be added regularly. Check it out and submit a request while you're over there, huh?