Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Hawg goes to the state capitol

The Arkansas Legislature is in session once again and I, The Hawg, had to show up this morning and take pictures.

I've been cautioned against mentioning where I work a time or two as some of my opinions have proven controversial. Fair enough. I'll just mention that I'm a public relations guy for an organization that has a couple of lobbyists running around and talking to state legislators these days.

So I was there to take some photos of our lobbyists visiting with various political types. I'll use some of those photos in my anonymous organization's magazine (one of my jobs is to put that one together -- it's a full-color, 32-page magazine that is shipped bimonthly to about 8,500 people). I took a picture of the Capitol building that will make a great backdrop on a page covering some bills that our subscribers like. Here it is in a scaled, blog-friendly format:

I like that one. The light was just right and I can't help but like the angle. It's missing a little something, however. Let's see...

Oh yeah! Now it's perfect.

By the way, the legislature has traditionally met every two years but it was never unusual for the governor to call special sessions regularly. I liked the fact the legislature held regular sessions only once every two years because it could do less damage that way.

For some reason that is beyond me, however, Arkansas voters passed a measure in November to inflict the legislature on us more often by having them hold a regular session every year. What the hell are some people thinking?

At any rate, I do hope we survive the current session and won't wind up with higher taxes and a bunch of meddlesome, screwball laws when it's all said and done. I doubt we'll be that lucky.


Krissi said...

LOVE the pic's... I'm still laughing!

Sherry said...

You went to the legislature? I hope you didn't catch anything life-threatening.

Paul Eilers said...

That picture really looks like you!

By the way, did you get some free food too?

The Natural State Hawg said...

Krissi -- Glad you liked them. I was chuckling when I put that one together...

Sherry -- I'll go see the doc this weekend just to be sure ;)

Paul -- I haven't been that thin for 10 years. I didn't get free food or free anything. I did get to visit a bit with our attorney general, however.