Friday, September 25, 2009

Why leaving a camera at home is a bad idea


If you’ve got a blog, there is absolutely no excuse for not carrying a camera around with you because you’ll never know when you need it.


For example, I was driving past the Hummer lot here in Benton the other day. Now, the Hummer lot is a very sad thing in town. It’s not that old, of course, as the Hummer fad ended as abruptly as it started and that left a lot of similar lots with a bunch of vehicles and few people wanting to buy them.

The Hummer lot in town used to be brimming with activity – you had people roaming around all the time looking at a large lot full of vehicles that I still think resemble oversized Hot Wheels cars. Most of those vehicles are gone now and the lot just reeks of a place that’s about to be abandoned.

The lot is located right next to a Chevrolet lot. I saw a bunch of fuel efficient Chevrolets clustered around the Hummer sign and thought that would make a great photo. I didn’t have my camera, but I figured I’d just drive by with it later in the day, take a picture and post the photo here for everyone’s amusement.

By the time I got back to the Hummer lot, the Chevrolets had been moved. That’s a shame. I doubt I’ll run across such an opportunity again. That photo would have lined up both the future of the automotive industry and its past, but I blew the chance to capture that picture.


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