Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tell Me Thursday -- Ditto


For my Wordless Wednesday submission yesterday, I posted a photo of a house that was heavily decorated for Christmas and showed how a smarty pants neighbor totally exploited the situation.

Frankly, I’m a bit envious of the neighbor who simply wrote “Ditto” in lights and pointed an arrow at the worker bee’s home. I almost wish I could get away with that little effort.

Ah, but my wife is completely wacky about Christmas. We’ve got three trees that we put up inside and we got a ton of new lights for the outside of our home (this big, colorful outdoor bulbs that were common when I was a kid). It takes the better part of a day to decorate around here, in fact.

Our collection grows annually. This year my wife got heavily into ceramics so we’ve got Mr. and Mrs. Claus to add to our collection and a new nativity set that looks absolutely amazing. By the way, I learned my wife doesn’t think it’s funny to suggest adding a snowman to a nativity set. Go figure.

Honestly, her obsession with Christmas decorations is a good thing. Christmas is the one time of year when you almost can’t go overboard on decorations, so why not spread a bit of cheer, right? We’ve got kids and I’m certain they’ll think fondly of our hyper-decorated house when they’re older. Hopefully they’ll follow in their mother’s footsteps when it comes to decorating when they have homes of their own.

If they take after their lazy old dad, the chances are good they’ll be like that “ditto” neighbor. That might not be bad, either.

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Melanie said...

We love decorating the outside of our home with lots of lights and features. It's fun that our entire street gets into it and we all throw our electric meters into overdrive for a few weeks ;)