Friday, December 18, 2009

It’s office photo time…

JohnnyRamoneThe folks in charge at my office went and decided that we should post bios and photos of all the folks in the business to our blog.

I established and maintain that particular blog. That being the case, I figure my photo should be extra special.

Now, I’m a former reporter, recovering lawyer and current public relations guy. In other words, I tend to only consent to my photo being taking when it’s necessary – like when I’m being interviewed by a local television station or something along those lines.

So my first choice for a photo of me is the one at the top of this post. That’s right – it’s Johnny Ramone. Not only was the man one of the founders of the Ramones, he was instrumental in defining what punk rock sounded like and he was a diehard Reaganite, to boot.

There’s a lot to respect there.

It seems my idea was rejected, sadly. The photo must actually be of me rather than just someone who is undeniably great. Fair enough. I’ll play ball.

So I came up with two more photos to post. Here they are:


EthDestroyerNow, the first one shows my unwavering dedication to organizations as a whole. I figure that any company would be thrilled to have an employee who acknowledges the delights associated with slavish obedience to the selfish whims of the powerful.

Should someone be offended by the Hitler photo, I’ve put the second one together. Why? Because KISS is cool.

I wonder if either photo will be accepted. I doubt it.

Now, just for fun, here are the mighty, mighty Ramones in action:


Rebecca said...

I have great fondness in my heart for any rock star who's a Reaganite, or at least a wacko right-wing Conservative. TED NUGENT, baby!!!

And It's why I love your blog so much, The Hawg! Rock on!

The Natural State Hawg said...

Rebecca -- Thanks for that! Yes, wacko, right-wingers are rare in the rock world, it seems. Johnny Ramone was certainly one and Ted Nugent is famous for being one.

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