Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dropbox – one of my favorite, free things


A few days ago, I decided to post about some of my favorite, free applications.

You know, the ones I simply can’t live without – those things that make working, playing and whatever else just that much easier.

I’ve already talked about Windows Live Writer, so today I’ll focus on a great, free application called Dropbox.

What is Dropbox? Simply put, it’s a great way to share files between computers. I have Dropbox installed on my computer at work and my two at home, making it a breeze to access all my files regardless of which computer I’m using at the time.

Drop box, essentially, puts a folder on your system that can be used just like any normal folder on your computer. Let’s say, for example, I write a column at the office and want to post it on a blog later from home. Since I saved my column in the Dropbox folder, I can access it from any of my systems that have the application installed.

Better yet, let’s say I get home and remember an error that I put in that column. I can change it on one of my computers at home and it will sync up with the other system – the new file will overwrite the old one on all computers where I’ve installed the Dropbox application.

Oh, and here’s one more thing. Dropbox also sets up a “Public” folder where I can save documents I want to share with (you guessed it) the public. Should I want to share a file from that folder, I simply right click it, copy the URL and post it just like a normal Internet link.

Now, there is a cost associated with Dropbox. You get two gigabytes of storage for free and have to pay if you want more than that. I’ve been running fine off the two gigabyte limit for some time now and can’t imagine having to go beyond that.

I simply can’t put into words how much easier Dropbox has made my life. Having access to my documents at home and at work is amazingly useful, as is the ability to alter documents and sync the changes with my other systems. If Dropbox was to vanish tomorrow, I’d be in a heck of a mess.

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