Sunday, February 21, 2010

Evernote – more free goodness…


Being a proud cheapskate, I love free stuff.

For that reason, I’ve hunted around for some of the best free applications available. Fortunately, things have changed a bit over the past couple of decades – truly useful applications don’t always cost money and the free stuff is often comparable to the commercial, “send me money” ones.

At any rate, I’ve been an attorney, a journalist and now I make my living as a public relations guy. Since I first started working, then, I’ve taken a lot of notes.

There’s a problem with notes – what happens if you leave your notebook at the office and need it at home? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply take notes on a computer and then open them wherever you’ve got Internet access?

Well, you can do that through a brilliant little application called Evernote. In addition to entering text, Evernote lets you clip images and such right off of Internet pages and paste them to the application – handy stuff if you run across some information or an image you want to save and refer back to later.

I’ve got Evernote set up on my computer at work and my two systems at home. Whenever I need a note, I just fire up the Evernote application on any of those computers and I can pull it up – Evernote syncs with automatically with all the systems running the application, so keeping up with that virtual notebook is a snap.

Furthermore, I can access my notes through the Evernote Internet site, meaning I can grab my notes wherever I have an Internet connection. How handy is that? I generally don’t bother with a notebook unless I’m out somewhere and lugging a computer around wouldn’t be practical.

Evernote has a solution for that problem, too, by the way. It runs on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Palm and Windows Mobile (as well as on Mac and Windows computers), so it’s a portable application, too.

And, yes, it’s free. You can pay to upgrade Evernote for more storage space and such, but I haven’t come close to needing to pay for that upgrade and I’ve been using Evernote for close to a year.

It’s another great, free program that makes life easier. Give it a try.


LJP said...

I might try this one. Sounds very useful!!

Rebecca said...

Hey this is cool! I do a lot of research online, so I'll check this out.