Friday, April 16, 2010

A professional kite flyer?

Jonah Hormel, 7, (left) and his cousin, Emilee Sebesta, 5, fly a kite together Wednesday at Rainier Vista Community Park. Sunny skies brought the two children to the park for a fun Spring outing with their family.
(Toni L. Bailey/Lacey Today)

My wife was reading the Thursday edition of the Benton Courier when she noticed the first Benton Kite Festival had been scheduled for Saturday at the old airport.

You can read all about the festival here, by the way.

One thing that struck me about the event is that a special guest, Robert Lassond, will be there. The Courier identified him as a professional kite flyer and reported that he goes all over the country to events such as, well, the Benton Kite Festival.

I can’t help but feel more than a bit jealous. How do I get that gig? How does one turn the enjoyable pursuit of flying a kite into a career? Why did I spend all those years in school to sit in a dull, drab office day after day when I could be getting paid to fly kites?

Seriously – what could be better than that? Earning a living by skipping rocks across a pond? Getting paid to drink beer or drive expensive muscle cars? Making cash money by taste-testing cotton candy or traveling throughout the nation watching major league baseball games?

My hat’s off to that Lassond fellow. Anyone who can turn kite flying into a profession has to be living right.


Amy Kopp said...

Professional Kite Flyer. :0)
I found your blog after stumbling on to Arkansas Bloggers. I am also a fellow Arkansan and blogger. (My site is Amy Kopp Art.) I plan to take a look at your attempt to take over the internet next...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is my bro. U seem to have deleted my last comment by accident. So I've reposted a new 1 for u. P.S. He is watching this rite now and you just made his day. He says:The frick we where in Washington state and that was my cousin. Lol I spam u.

Anonymous said...

that kid is my brother when we lived in washington state not some famous guy who flys kites for a living