Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Business is changing, so you should, too

I well remember something changing in Arkansas a few years ago – a businessman wanting to stay competitive needed to learn how to reach out to the increasing Latino market.

That was a dramatic shift in this state, but a larger one is shaping up now. Economies are now more global, so reaching out to markets in expanding areas such as India is as critical now as reaching the Latino family down the road was a couple of decades ago.

So, what can a businessman do? He could could hire a bunch of interpreters and translators to deal with all of the customers and all of their languages in big old India, or he could outsource that job to a company that is based in that continent, responds quickly to requests and charges reasonable fees?

Which one sounds more efficient to you?

That’s right – hiring interpreters and translators in India is the more cost effective way to go, isn’t it? Click one of the aforementioned links to get going.

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