Monday, July 28, 2008

Cows keeping cool

Unfortunately, it's hot here in central Arkansas right now.

Too hot in fact. We've entered that miserable part of summer where 100-degree days are common. When you add the ridiculously high humidity to that temperature and very little wind, you end up with days in which the heat index climbs up around 105 degrees or better.

I really wonder how the South was bearable before that great invention, the air conditioner.

One thing great about Saline County, Ark., is that no matter where you go, you're not too far from the country. The population in this county is only around 84,000, and I live in the county seat (Benton) where the population is a mere 27,000.

So, I was able to get this dandy picture of cows cooling off in a pond the other day. Lucky cows. I was sweating like a pig and holding a camera while they were relaxing and comfortable.

Had it not been for a barbwire fence and my fear of bulls, who tend to guard their territory, I would have gotten closer and would have captured a better shot of the relaxing cows. Still, I can envy those relaxing cows even from afar.

Lucky cows.


crazy working mom said...

Oh, you're not kidding. Being 8 months pregnant in this misery is NOT fun either. :( I can't wait for fall. Then when it's 15° I'll be whining that I'm ready for summer so we can swim. Ahhhh, ya know women! :)

The Natural State Hawg said...

Heh. My wife always wishes it was winter as she just hates the heat. Ironic seeing how she was born in Texas and all...