Monday, July 21, 2008

The incomparable David Hudson!

As I'm sure my loyal reader has noticed, the Hawg has a snazzy, new banner on this here blawg.

Yes, the new banner is gear. It's fab and I'm now stylin' like Stalin. So, how did this wonderful thing happen? What happened to that nasty old banner?

Since I have all the design skills of my rat terrier (the powerful Cobb!), David Hudson went and designed a new one for me. Dave is the technology cat at our office and he's a tactful fellow, too. Rather than saying, "Uh, that banner looks like crap, man," he designed a new one and sent it over to me.

Loyal reader, I'm sure you'll agree that the new banner looks a whole lot better and now the Hawg is cruising the Blogosphere like a big dog. Ah, but Dave didn't stop there.

No, he went and designed a new banner for my other blog with a loyal audience of one, Straight-shooting real estate. Yes, the intrepid technology cat took pity on poor ol' Hawg and did a great job.

Now, here's the point of all this rambling. I see a lot of blogs out there that suffer from pitiful banners. I once had a sad little banner, too, and invite everyone out there to seek out David and ask for his help. Send an e-mail to Dave right here and you, too, might have a banner of which you can be justly proud.

Dave put my banners together for free in mere minutes, and I'm willing to bet he'd do a bang up job for a little cash. His rates will be reasonable, of course, so drop him a line, negotiate a price and let him get to work. He simply took a look at my pathetic, laughable banner, figured out the theme I was trying to implement and turned me crude idea into something worth showing off to the neighbors. I didn't have to do a thing and - voila! - a tremendously great banner was shipped my way. Now, that's service, kids.

By the way, in case anyone is wondering about the "B" symbol in my banner, that's easy to explain. That's a modified version of the Benton, Ark., logo and it asserts that Benton is the heart of Arkansas. Yeah, that's right.