Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Super Weasel Lawyer Team and other things

I've collected a lot of stuff to blog about over the past week, so I thought I'd put them in one post.

Yes, there's a lot of business to tend to, so I'll get right to it.

First of all, I'm very excited to announce that I'll soon release a new Web comic into the wild --
The Super Weasel Lawyer Team. Some of you may recall that I sent out a request for help about a week ago. One intrepid soul, Tim Swift, answered the call.

I've put the scripts together for the first couple of strips so far and Tim has finished some preliminary drafts of the characters. Folks, I'm excited about this one -- Tim has some great ideas and I'm sure y'all will love the artwork.

Whether the stories are any good is another matter, entirely. I'm a recovering lawyer, see, so I'll draw on my experiences as a practicing attorney and law student to essentially make fun of lawyers, the legal profession, law students, law professors, judges, criminals and other folks.

In this era of political correctness, there are still some groups we can make fun of without fear of ramifications. For example, we can take swipes at Nazis, the
Ku Klux Klan, lawyers and other groups that are largely harmful to society. If I'm really lucky, I'll get some hate mail from a lawyer or two and make fun of that, too.

I was very tempted to post some of Tim's preliminary sketches, but I decided against it. So, everyone will just have to wait and be surprised.

When will the first installment of
The Super Weasel Lawyer Team be released? I'm not real sure, but it should be fairly soon. We've got some work to do and have to decide whether to release it on this blog, build a new one, do both or whatever. So, stay tuned and get for regular updates on what I hope becomes the longest lawyer joke on record.

Look what Theresa Komor went and did!

Theresa, a good
ol' Arkie girl and one of my favorite bloggers, has done some work in journalism and had a story published on Saturday morning in The Daily Citizen in Searcy, Ark. I'm more than a bit envious as I, too, used to be a reporter and I loved every minute of it. I've transitioned to the public relations field over the years and that job does have it's rewards, but there's nothing like the fun of meeting deadlines and doing something different every day.

Yes, I miss those days like hell, but I'm thrilled to see that Theresa gets to enjoy the great profession of journalism. I hope to see some more articles from Theresa and I wish her well in her decision to freelance some articles for
The Daily Citizen and (I hope!) some more newspapers around Arkansas.

She's a very good writer, so make sure to click the link above and read her latest newspaper article and certainly check out her blogs -- A Bumpy Path and Eyebald.

The Crotchety Old Man is a phenomenon

If you haven't visited Crotchety Old Man Yells at Cars yet, you really need to head over there. Crotchety has gotten a lot of attention lately because of both his sharp wit and his weekly photo caption contest. If you haven't participated in that contest you really need to do that.

Why? You get some damned strange photos and prizes for the winners (yours truly won some
Entrecard credits through that contest just a couple of days ago).

If you stop in there once, you'll keep coming back on a regular basis. Trust me on this.

The Hawg for President?

Go ahead and check out this video for the full story. Yes, as president I promise to be for stuff that's cool and solidly against stuff that's not.

Additionally, I'll make sure to cash in on my four years in office and reestablish something that's been sadly lacking from our nation for the past 20 years -- red baiting. Yes, turn in a commie and get a reward from a grateful nation!

An absent The Hawg?

Sadly, I will be busy from Monday through about Wednesday. So I won't be messing with my blog and hitting Entrecard as much as I'd like.

What will I be doing? Well, I'm the director of media relations for the Arkansas Realtors Association and we've got our convention from Monday through Wednesday in Little Rock.

So it'll be a bunch of 15-hour days through Wednesday and, hopefully, some time to sleep.

I'll be back in fine form come Thursday, but duty calls, you know?


Theresa said...

The Hawg, I thank you muchly for announcing my new break into journalism! I'm so happy I could just...I could just...ah-chew!

Folks, I couldn't have done it without The Hawg's help and support!

By the way, if you're not on my ballot when I go to vote, I'll write you in!

Da Old Man said...

I can't wait to see the new strip.
And thank you for the shout out. :)

My best friend from high school is an attorney, but I still like him anyway.

Sara said...

Looking forward to seeing the web comic. Good luck with the conference.

Anonymous said...

Hawg the Realitor???

~ Christopher ~

The Natural State Hawg said...

Theresa -- I appreciate that and, again, congratulations! I hope we see more fine articles from you in the near future.

da old man -- Well, the artwork is great, at least. Hopefully, the writing will keep up with what Tim's doing.

You're welcome for the shout-out and I appreciate those Entrecard credits.

I have plenty of friends who are attorneys. They are the good guys. There are a lot of rascals in that profession, however.

Sara -- After I've hyped the strip up, I hope we can deliver the goods. Tim sure can, but we'll see how I do.

I hope to survive the convention. If there's one thing in life I've learned, it's this -- any event with the word "meeting" in it sucks and that's doubly true of conventions.

Christopher -- NO! I just do public relations for the Arkansas Realtors Association. I have absolutely no interest in trying to convince people to buy homes.

Anonymous said...

@Hawg- ahhhhh PR... ive heard PR work is pretty cool and fun to do!

~ Christopher ~