Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obama opens campaign office in North Little Rock?

You've really got to admire the Barack Obama campaign.

Well, I mean you've got to admire the campaign when it's not attacking anyone who doesn't believe that Obama is the Second Coming, I mean.

The most recent move worthy of respect happened today when the group opened a campaign office in North Little Rock. Obama doesn't have a chance in hell of carrying Arkansas as there's just not enough white liberal guilt in this state to swing the votes needed to defeat John McCain. Yes, they could use the Al Gore technique of using cigarettes to buy votes from the homeless and they'll still not drum up enough support in this state to topple McCain.

Still, it's great to see that his supporters are trying to make a go of it.

They're naive enough to think Obama might have a chance in Arkansas, and that's kind of cute in the same way a six-year-old trying to build a robot out of a cardboard box and some assorted bolts, screws and electrical tape is cute. You know the kid will never build a robot, but he's enjoying himself so much that you just want to let him give it a shot, anyway.

Obama needs to carry the South to win this election. That's all there is to it. He's in a close battle with McCain and will need to carry all of the states he can. I'm well aware that Obama's supporters will declare that we're just too racist around here to vote for a black man. You'll find that to be true in some quarters, but I'd wager the "let's keep the White House white" bunch is very much in the minority.

Hollering "racism!" overlooks the real difficulty that a lot of people in these parts have with Obama. The problem, of course, is that national Democrats hate almost everyone who lives in the South or any rural enclave, really. Winning the South would mean that Obama and his ilk would have to admit that what is important to people in places like Arkansas actually matters. They'll never do that, of course.

The Democrats are terrible at talking to those of us in "flyover territory," anyway. Remember how idiotic John Kerry looked when he made an awkward attempt to get a gun, buy a hunting license and go hunting? Obama's slicker than Kerry was in addressing us so-called "red staters," but not by much.

Watch for McCain to carry Arkansas, the South and a good chunk of the rest of the nation. You can thank America's favorite populist, Sarah Palin, for McCain's success in November.


Stunatra said...

I doubt McSame will win. If he does, I think his presidency will be disastrous. A repeat of the last 8 years for the next 4-8 years is not what this country needs.


The Natural State Hawg said...

Ah, why must Obama supporters make dire predictions about what will happen should McCain get in office?

Do you really think we'll be in much worse shape if either of these cats win? Seriously, now. Think about it.

I absolutely loathe Obama, but I doubt the empire will crumble if he winds up in office.

By the way, recent polls show solid advances by McCain while Obama appears to be struggling.

Stunatra said...

Well, McSame wants to continue all the failed policies of George Bush that have practically run this country into the ground. I think another 4-8 years would help finish the job.

The Natural State Hawg said...

That's often been a charge leveled against McCain, but I'm not sure how accurate it is. This is the same cat, after all, who has been fawned over for years by Democrats for actually working across party lines to get things done. At the very least, he's more subject to change than the marvelously inflexible Bush.

While talking about "change" what, exactly, is it that Obama brings to the table? Does anyone really know? What does the man actually stand for and what will he do once he gets in office? He seems to shift positions as often as most people change shirts and seems to leave us only with buzzwords such as hope, dreams and (of course) change. Honestly, I don't see the appeal of the man.

Then again, I don't consider it worth my time and energy to fight too much over either McCain or Obama. Frankly, Palin is my favorite in this race simply because Obama sucks, McCain isn't just a whole lot better, Biden is a laughable fool and Palin is the only one of the lot that comes across as a Reaganite.