Friday, September 26, 2008

The Wacky Savages!

Back in college I was like a heck of a lot of students in that I was in a band and I've linked to a couple of MP3s near the end of this post to prove it.

Yes, we were the Wacky Savages. Where did we get our name? The bassist -- Cree Swaim -- and I saw one of those cheap supermarket tabloids and it featured a story about "The Elvis Tribe." That alleged tribe was full of people who were just crazy about The King and featured a photo of a bunch of natives wearing grass skirts and Elvis wigs.

The caption on the photo said, "Wacky savages sing and dance like The King." Since I've long nurtured a bit of an Elvis obsession, that pretty well did it for us.

We typically played around campus and even knocked out the power at a dorm party -- that featured a lot of bands -- because we insisted on turning up our amplifiers all the way for the sheer hell of it. We played an off-campus party once and got an offer to play at some kind of festival held at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

Since we we attended Hendrix College in Conway, a trip all the way to northwest Arkansas to play at an outdoors show where a lot of people were present sounded like a hell of a deal. Sadly, that all fell apart because a couple of band members quit on us.

We drafted some more folks and wound up at Crystal Studios in Bryant, Ark. in January 1991. Our lineup at the time was Cree (bass), my brother Zack on drums (he was 15-years-old at the time), a lead guitarist who was so cool that we just called him The Jay and me on vocals and fairly basic rhythm guitar (my beautiful Fender Telecaster running through a Fender Twin Reverb amp that I borrowed from a friend of mine).

Yesterday, Cree sent me the tracks we recorded. I've had them on tape for years, but he went and converted them to MP3s and I've included them here. So, click here to hear "My Friend Rashid" and here to listen to "Nazi Girl." I really doubt I could coax my 39-year-old voice into doing that anymore.

Those two songs are a lot of fun because we didn't take a damned thing seriously -- I wrote the lyrics, Cree composed all the music and we just had fun.

I appreciated getting these yesterday because, earlier in the day, a friend of mine said, "You know, it's ridiculous that we're this old." Both of us are pushing 40-years-old, so I enjoyed hearing something that I took part in when I was a mere 21-years-old, less cynical and very excited about the future.

By the way, some folks at my office heard this and said I sounded like Fred Schneider of the B-52s. Phooey. Actually, I was trying to sound like John Lydon (Johnny Rotten when he was with the Sex Pistols).

To prove my point, I've included a video of Lydon singing "Public Image" with the band he formed after the Sex Pistols deteriorated, Public Image Limited. The influence seems pretty clear to me.

The Hawg is sick as a dawg?

I haven't been as active around Entrecard or anything lately as I've taken ill and spend most of my time either at work or sleeping. I've got ulcerative colitis that flared up a couple of months ago and, as such, my colon pretty well bleeds constantly right now.

It sucks and leaves me tired. If I've not been returning Entrecard drops as much, it's because everything has been well nigh intolerable over the past couple of days. I'll be getting some tests run next week, so I hope to be back to normal before long. My doctor is confident he can get the colitis in remission, so I'll trust he's right.

Meanwhile, I'm certainly not trying to slight anyone by visiting blogs as often as I'd like. When you're sleeping about 10 hours a day, working eight hours and spending about an hour in a car while commuting, that tends to cut into time to do things you'd like. So, please be patient. I hope to be back up to speed soon.


Margie and Edna said...

Yikes, Mr. The Hawg, that ulcerative colitis thing sounds mighty unpleasant! You take care of yourself, you hear?

FishHawk said...

Well, you were certainly "wacky" back then, which certainly reinforces the notion that the more things change, the more they remain the same. By the way, did your amps go up to 11???

Sara said...

Man, i guess hitting 40 blows for your colon! :) Hope you get better real quick. The blogosphere needs you.

Toni said...

Sorry to hear this! Hope you get back to normal soon!

Da Old Man said...

Hope you're feeling better soon.

And I was thinking exactly like fishhawk with the amps. Never turn them to 11. :)

Elle said...

Dude --
Take care of yourself! We'll be here when you're better.

The Natural State Hawg said...

margie and edna -- Yes, it's a real pain in the ass. Hah!

I'm doing my best to relax. Hopefully, this will be over soon.

FishHawk -- Nah, we just made 10 louder...

Sara -- Getting up near 40-years-old sucks. Anyone who says different is a liar. Virtually everyone I know who is my age has some sort of health issue.

Thanks for the well wishes. I hope to be back up to speed soon.

Toni -- Thank you! My little brother called me tonight. He said he's going to ask a Catholic friend to light a candle for my colon. Nice thought, that.

My brother and I are both Methodists. I suppose I could ask my church to form a committee to consider what to do about my woeful colon.

Da Old Man -- Thanks! Again, we just made "10" louder on our amps.

Here's the funny thing -- when you're a college kid living off of mom and dad's money, you can really afford some great amps and such. Wish I had that luxury (and the audience!) these days.

Elle -- Well, I'm messing around with blogging and such as I can. I do tend to sleep a lot and miss quite a bit of things, however.

I just hope no one takes that as a slight!

Sherry Martschink said...

Take care and heal!
Wacky Savages is one thing, but the name I like is Cree Swaim. What a name!

The Natural State Hawg said...


Yep. That's a pretty good one, isn't it? His real name is "Christian" but he goes by "Cree."

Not sure why. Great name for a rocker, however.