Monday, November 24, 2008

What the heck is a dachsador?

We are fortunate enough to have a cleaning company come in every couple of weeks and keep Casa de Hawg from getting filthy.

Why? Because the house needs to be cleaned and I'm not going to do it. My wife works as hard as I do and she doesn't want to clean house, either. The kids? It would be less effort to clean it ourselves than fight with them until they did what needed to be done.

So, a cleaning service is a great investment. Now, they were scheduled to show up the day after Thanksgiving, but that's not a good plan for obvious reasons -- most people prefer not to work on that day, and who can blame them?

The cleaning service folks, then, showed up on Saturday. It was a different team than the one that usually comes by and the husband in that team went nuts over our dog, Bella. She's a dachshund/black Labrador retriever. That's her at the top of this post doing what she does best -- catching some rest after chasing cats through the house.

We all know that people have been going crazy over the past few years by creating mutts and selling them as desirable breeds. One of those "designer mutts" ("hybrid breed" seems to be the preferred term) is called a dachsador -- go ahead and look at some great photos of the "breed" by clicking right here. It seems the breed is sometimes referred to as doxador. So cute. I think I'm going to be ill.

The fellow who liked Bella so well told us he's been looking for a dog like her, but hasn't been able to find one around here for less than $500. He didn't even care that she only has three good legs due to a birth defect.

Folks, this whole thing is nuts to me. Bella is a great dog, to be sure, but she's a mutt. We got her from the pound for $50 because she's a sweet dog who needed a home. When did people start breeding mutts and selling them for a lot of money?

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Bottled water sounded like an insane idea, too, but people loved it.

I guess I need to get with the times and breed my registered rat terrier, Cobb, to something and develop a hybrid breed of my own. Here are a few ideas:

1. A rat terrier plus a beagle = a Reagle (or, a "Brat" as FeeFiFoto observed)

2. A rat terrier plus a Scottish terrier = a Scottish Rat

3. A rat terrier plus a Labrador retriever = a Rat Retriever or a Labrator Retriever (just call it a Lab Rat for short)

4. A rat terrier plus a great Dane = a Great Rat

5. A rat terrier plus a catahoula = a Ratahoula

6. A rat terrier plus a blue tick hound = a Blue Tick Rat or a Blue Rat Hound

7. A rat terrier plus a boxer = a Box Rat (that one is from my seven-year-old daughter!)

8. A rat terrier plus a Saint Bernard = a Saint Rat

9. A rat terrier plus a rottweiler = a Rattweiler (that one was obvious, yeah?)

10. A rat terrier plus a poodle = a Rattle (or, as Soge Shirts has suggested, a Rat Poo)

11. A rat terrier plus a dachshund = a Drat (another suggestion from the glib FeeFiFoto!)

12. A rat terrier plus a Shih-Tzu = a Rat-Shiht (thanks, HebsFarm!)

13. A rat terrier and any mutt = a Rat Bastard (thanks, again, to HebsFarm)

Wish me luck!


ImitationAngel said...

Bella is so cute. I can't blame her for being tired after chasing cats. Good luck with the hybrids. My vote is for the Blue Rat Hound lol.

feefifoto said...

A rat terrier plus a beagle: a Brat

A rat terrier plus a daschund: a Drat

Please, stop me before I rat again!

HebsFarm said...

If they can sell a dog called a Shih-Tzu, they can sell anything.

The Natural State Hawg said...

ImitationAngel -- Bella is a cutie, indeed. She has to work hard to keep the cats in line, it seems. As a Southern boy, I can't help but like the Blue Rat Hound ;)

FeeFiFoto -- Great suggestions! I've incorporated them, in fact. Enjoy the links from a grateful The Hawg!

HebsFarm -- Heh. I could see that cross -- a Rat-Shiht. Heh.

HebsFarm said...

Rat terrier plus any random mutt: rat bastard

crazy graphic tees said...

Creative list what about a rat terrier and a poodle. could call it rat poo.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Crazy Graphic Tees:

Great suggestion! So, I went and updated the list with the famed "rat poo" right in there and put in a link to your site...

feefifoto said...

Thanks Hawg!

Anonymous said...

I just recently lost my dog Sabrina, a Dachsador after 17 long years. Everyone thought it was an odd mix and most likely an accident. I found her as a pup in our local pound.
She was the most amazing animal we ever loved.She truly was. Always happy loved kids and all kinds of animals. Brought joy into our lives everyday. I am so relieved to find that people are actually selling this breed. That the breed has a name. As soon as our hearts have been mended from the sudden loss of Sabrina, our Dachsador, we will be getting another.

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Erin Frodan said...

OMG Bella is the spitting image of my little dachsador! I dearly love this "breed", and yes we also rescued ours, when it was still considered a mutt a few years ago. Guess I'm fashionable now! But dachsadors are awesome, the best of both breeds. Never yet met one that didn't have an exceptionally good temperament.

Anonymous said...

Bella looks just like our brody. We got him for our daughter who wanted a big fun dog to play with. We got Brody for no cost from a friend of a friend. The puppys were three fourths lab. Well... After 4 months Brody stopped growing. Our new black lab wasn't so lab like but has been a fun addition to the family. The one fourth is dominating!!! I am hoping he is going to like the water. Glad to hear that this mix is a good natured breed. I was starting to wander if there was such a thing as dwarfism in dogs until I found blogs like this one!

Cathleen said...

I am fostering two dachsadors from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. They are the coolest dogs ever -- just so much fun & easy to train. I don't recommend breeding them, though. They are easy to find through petfinder -- or, as a couple people on this thread know, in your local shelter. If a lab & a doxy can make pups together, it means any dogs can get together to make that special magic. So spay & neuter, spay & neuter,...