Sunday, December 21, 2008

Auto manufacturers get bailout, Bush convinces more people to hate his guts

Go ahead and read all about it right here -- George W. Bush and his band of idiots went against the will of the American people and the Senate by coming up with a plan under which $13.4 billion will be sent to those undeserving fools at Chrysler and General Motors.

I'm very proud, of course, to live in a country that rewards incompetence and failure. If I had my way, Chrysler and G.M. would both go bankrupt as that is what terrible companies that make garbage deserve.

I'll not dwell on the details of the plan as this is old news. It's disappointing, to say the least, and I'll leave it at that.

I'd like to focus, however, on what the government should have done to help out the American auto industry. It seems clear that the government is just itching to spend money, so why not benefit the American people with it?

I'm still of the opinion that the government has lost its collective mind and I'm amazed that an alleged Republican loves spending money like a Democrat. Still, if the government is spending money like frat boys on spring vacation, I want my cut and I'm sure you do, too.

What the feds should have done is adopted my plan -- the Everybody Gets A New Car plan. Under that plan, any household with an income under, say, $250,000 would get a voucher to be spent on a new car. The voucher would be a generous $25,000, plenty for either a new car or a hefty down payment on one.

Under my plan, see, Americans could choose for themselves whether to purchase American cars and bail out the industry. I figure, however, that companies such as Honda, Toyota and Kia would get the bulk of that money because those companies make vehicles that people actually want to buy -- that's the flaw in my plan.

No, the government was out to save some union jobs and pour money into companies that were stupid enough to keep making gas-guzzling SUVs instead of focusing on fuel economy when gas was over $3.50 a gallon. Our government, in other words, is now against competition and is for robbing consumers of one of the few powers we have -- determining what products and services we want to buy and which companies deserve to thrive.

I fully expect the feds to bring back tariffs next so as to almost force us to buy junk cars made by American companies. To avoid that unpleasantness, I figure on buying at least one Toyota -- maybe two -- next year and driving them until he insanity is over. American car companies make trash and they've been given absolutely no incentive to change.


Windmill said...

It is simply deplorable how this American President gets his way. said...


I think Bush is somewhat concerned about his legacy, and believes a failed auto industry could affect that, being there may be a domino effect of job losses and less gross domestic product. So he went with a short term solution.

As for me, I am not a car man. But during this auto bailout, I have learned a lot. And like you, I now plan to "vote" by not buying an American made vehicle any time soon. Our next purchase will be another mini-van, and it will be a Honda or Toyota.

Merry Christmas!

Da Old Man said...

Hawg, I'm on my 3rd Toyota here, and doubt I'd ever buy an American made piece of junk again.
What bugs me is the lies told by the automakers. "Americans won't buy small cars, that is why we made Hummers, etc."
Meanwhile, Toyota and Honda and Nissan had their business expand building...wait for it...small cars.
They deserve to fail because they failed us. Don't blame the unions, don't blame anyone but the top execs who continually made bad decision after bad decision.

Chrysler had a winner with the PT Cruiser. Everyone loved the design. I saw people at car shows, real car people, who admired workmanship and custom rods, just crowd around a PT. Chrysler then continued to make them junky, almost disposable, rather than quality. Now, they can't be given away. said...

Here here Hawg! I agree the Big 3 should go bankrupt and should not receive a bailout. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? The idiots in DC think the American people can't make the right decisions so they have to do the big thinking for us.

On a side note… I gave you some link love on my latest post. If interested, you can check it out here... "6 Helpful Entrecard Dropping Tips".

Merry Christmas!

Beth said...

Let's Boycott the Big 3 :)

Well, isn't it the Democratic congress wanted this bailout for automakers really bad?