Thursday, February 26, 2009

A commercial I hate...

One of the more entertaining blogs out there is The Commercials I Hate.

As you might imagine, you'll find YouTube videos of truly awful commercials and obscenity-laced rants about them. If you haven't visited that blog, you really should -- it's a hoot, indeed.

As it turns out, I hate a lot of commercials, too. So I'm going to swipe the idea from the aforementioned blog (because all of my best ideas have been stolen) and post a commercial that drives me up the wall. Here's the YouTube clip:

Yes, that's the latest ad in a series of bad ads that the obnoxious folks at YellaWood have decided to inflict on the public. In this particular series, an old, hefty guy who calls himself Yella Fella runs around combating outlaws and rotten wood.

The acting is bad, the concept of a "cliffhanger" series of commercials is bad and I'm absolutely sick that the always amusing Riders in the Sky have sold their souls out to those sleazy YellaWood folks. There's not enough liquor on the planet to keep me from flinching when the stiff, ridiculous Yella Fella acts tough, speaks or -- hell -- even appears on my television set.

Want to know why DVRs were invented? So that we could avoid stuff like this. I can't imagine why anyone who saw one of these dreadful ads would think, "Oh, yeah. I'm going to buy something from YellaWood for sure!"

These commercials are so bad I always regret it when I'm watching live television instead of something recorded and face the possibility of seeing one of those awful commercials. If there's any justice in the world, the series will conclude with the Yella Fella being shot dead and buried in a coffin made out of wood so rotten that pieces are falling off the thing as it's being lowered into the ground.


FishHawk said...


Da Old Man said...

Must be a regional thing as I've never seen it until today.
It looks pretty stupid, though. said...

I always wonder how many writers stay employed when their attempt at humor is so horrible.

The concepts of direct marketing are much more effective than the costs of branding a product or service.


Eat Well. Live Well.

PappyCaligula said...

I actually turn the channel AND I'm glad none of ths home stores I frequent carry "Yeller Wood".

Let me echo the disappointment in the group Rider's In the Sky stooping to become part of this sham.Not only a sham, BUT a SHAME because the violence makes no sense either.

Here's their agent's name and number.How many folks are for giving them a call and lettting them know how much we think these commecials suck.

American Entertainment Productions, Inc.
6120 W. Tropicana, Suite A16, Box 403
Las Vegas, NV. 89103
Las Vegas: 702-449-8373

PappyCaligula said...

Here's the companies actual name, phone numbers, and addresses.
Tell THEM DIRECTLY HOW MUCH YOUR COMMECIALS make me NOT want to buy YellaWood.

Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc.
P.O. Box 610
Abbeville, Alabama 36310

Phone: (334) 585-2291
Fax: (334) 585-4353