Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flu shots are worthless

I go through the same thing every year.

People get flu shots in the fall and advise me to do the same thing so as to avoid getting sick. I avoid flu shots like the plague because I've gotten two of them over the years and have wound up with a case of the flu every single time.

See, I'd rather roll the dice and not risk getting the flu rather than take a shot and guarantee I'll come down with some strain of the illness.

I now have proof flu shots are garbage -- my 12-year-old son has the flu. Yes, my wife took him to get a flu shot and they poor kid is sick as a dog. His doctor said he has a particularly nasty strain of flu that laughs at those piddling flu shots.

To make matters worse, he went and give his blasted flu to me. Yes, I'm now sick as a dog, too. I certainly appreciate that.

I've got two kids and getting them to share is almost impossible. However, when one of them gets sick that child will share an illness with everyone in the house. Typical.


Sara Bonds said...

I have only had the flu once in my life, in the 5th grade. And . . . I have not had a flu shot in over 15 years. Everyone I know that tells me every flu season, "You better get a flu shot," gets the flu and I don't.

Karen said...

Aw, poor kid. I hope he feels better soon. I love the picture.

Sherry said...

Just think. Had he not had the flu shot, he might be worse.

Rich Dansereau said...

I too am aggravated by the bad predictions of the CDC on which flu strain to include in the flu shot. For the past two years I have got stuck with a hypodermic and it has been totally ineffective against the flu.

Da Old Man said...

Feel better.

I haven't had the flu in many, many years. I never get the shot, either.

PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

Sherry, I have to respectfully disagree. Many flu shots are outmatched and flu strains are gaining new resistances.

The current flu shot doesn't work against the flu strain circulating this year. Again.

It's a crap shoot. Every year the flu is caused by several hundred different agents, with a vaccine against just one or two of them. You're rolling the dice and hoping there's a match between the flu shot you get and the season's flu strain.

I've never had a flu shot and don't plan to get one any time soon. I believe most flu shots are no better than a placebo. If you're taking good care of yourself, I don't think a flu shot is necessary or will do you much good.

Maybe that's why 60% of American healthcare workers do not get the flu shot either.

If someone chooses to get a flu shot, then that's their prerogative. As for me, I believe their are better, more effective ways to fight the flu.

Mystery Man said...

I'm not long over the flu myslef. Got the shot last year. Strangely enough, I get sick more often after I get the shot than before. Makes you wonder, y'knw?

The Natural State Hawg said...

Sara -- I'm not that lucky. I tend to get a nasty case of the flew every couple of years.

Karen -- That picture sums up how I feel right now. The lad is doing better. He'll be out of action until Monday, however. I'm just taking a couple of days off of work and I'll be fine before long.

Sherry -- But, but, but -- I thought that miracle flu shot was supposed to keep him from getting sick at all!

Rich -- The only thing I've ever gotten out of a flu shot is more flu. Those things are terrible.

Paul -- I can't help but agree there.

Mystery -- Devious little things, those shots, huh? I hope you didn't get the same strain that has me down. This is miserable.

Mystery Man said...

...or rather hope you didn't get what i had...lol hope you get well soon!