Thursday, February 5, 2009

Truth in advertising?

Someone sent this to me at work today and I just had to share it.

Yes, this little photo might make one laugh so hard he'll break all his furniture. It'll make you LOL, ROFL, ROFLYAO and all those other irritating abbreviations for which the Internet can be blamed.

Frankly, I wish I had some more information about this photo. Why? Assuming someone put a home on the market and actually used such a sign to attract attention to it, there's no way in hell anyone would buy it.

Furthermore, it's safe to assume the individual who would put up such a sign knows damn well that the home will never sell.

That being the case, what would motivate one to put up such a sign? Let's say that Bob is the one who made the sign and put it up in his yard while Joe is the asshole neighbor.

Bob wakes up one morning, looks over at his neighbors house in disgust and notices that Joe has listed his home with a Realtor. If Bob wants to spite the hell out of Joe, can you think of a better way to steer potential buyers away from the property than to put up such a sign?

After all, who wants to buy a house from an asshole? Who wants to buy a home next to a guy crazy enough to stick such a tacky sign in his yard? Bob can have hours of fun ruining Joe's chances of selling his home and -- get this -- all it costs is the price of having a sign made.

Hey, anyone can stick a "for sale" sign in front of his house, right? And here's the best part -- what if Bob gets a great offer on his home, sells it for a profit and moves away from the hated neighbor? Hell, that would just be a bonus.

I do hope that spite was the motivation behind that sign. If so, that just makes it that much funnier.

Again, I do wish I had more information. Oh, well. Musing is fun, too.

12 comments: said...

Thankfully, I don't have any asshole neighbors.

Just a few who are stupid.

Sherry said...

If you get any more info, PLEASE share it. That's hilarious!

Jude said...

What a funny idea, but like you said who would want to buy a house next door to an asshole? When the house next to us was vacant I actually had people ring the doorbell to check us out and ask about the other neighbors.

CrAzY Working Mom said...

OMG, this is too danged funny!!!

Da Old Man said...

Follow up is vital in this.

Patricia said...

You don't think this might be an example of what psychologists call "reverse psychology"? I mean, maybe reading this sign makes you sorry for the supposed asshole neighbor and creates a desire to check out the neighbor to see if he is as awful as the sign indicates. Maybe you discover he's really nice and you decide to buy the house. Who knows?

The Fearless Blog said...

Funny sign and I suppose sad situation for the homeowner. I do know of someone who sold his house and moved out of a great community because of a "specific" neighbor. I pray I never find myself in a such a pickle. I am extremely territorial and my home "is" my castle. I don't think I would sit quietly and allow someone to disturb my peace. Heck, I could see myself putting up a sign like that, even if only to tick off the so called "neighbor." ;)

I always enjoy your entertaining posts.

Matt said...

Pretty ballsy, in any case. Haven't we all known of neighbors like this?

The Natural State Hawg said...

Paul -- Same here. This is Arkansas, you know.

Sherry -- I will do just that. However, I do believe I have all the information I'm going to get.

Jude -- That's why I'm thinking that spite was the prime motivator here.

Crotchety -- Hmm. Maybe I should do a little research, huh?

Patricia -- That's a fascinating angle on the whole thing, isn't it? You've just revealed something about yourself here -- you enjoy dwelling on such things as much as I do. You poor thing!

The Fearless Blog -- I'd be the same way. Fortunately, I get along well enough with the neighbors. On a personal level, I'm very laid back and then tends to help.

And thanks for the kind words!

Matt -- Yes, I'm afraid we have.

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