Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bum-rush the site!

Bloggers, of course, want traffic, but what's a good way to get it?

My favorite way to drive traffic to the li'l ole blog is Entrecard -- a site that has brought a lot of visitors here to The Natural State Hawg and enabled me to easily wade through the garbage and find some great bloggers.

Of course, it's a good idea to search around for some other sites that will drive traffic your way. A pretty good one I've found is EasyHits4U, a site that gives you credits for visiting sites. Those credits can be assigned to your blog or blogs so that you get traffic.

The site works pretty well and I got a ton of traffic after messing with the site for about an hour. That's not bad at all.

There are a couple of problems with EasyHits4U, however. For one thing, members over there seem to burn through their credits by the end of the day, so finding sites to surf on and earn credits gets difficult when only one or two hours is remaining before midnight.

Second, some of us participating in traffic exchanges hope to find some good blogs to read while we're working to attract visitors. There are far too many sites at EasyHits4U that promote those blasted get "rich quick schemes" that are annoyingly common on the Internet.

Are some of them legitimate? Perhaps, but you'll quit trying to figure that out in a hurry because the chances of getting ripped off are far too great. For example, let's say you run across a site with a blurb like this:

I'm not one of those "get rich quick" Internet guys. No, I'm just a normal cat like you. But I've got a system -- a system that anyone can use to make $100,000 a week for just 10 seconds a day of work on the Internet! I'm not just blowing smoke here or promising you something that's too good to be true. It really works! Since developing my system, I've bought a Jaguar, a mansion in a neighborhood so exclusive the Pope can't even visit and I've had a ridiculously beautiful android wife built who keeps my house clean, does what she's told, cooks my dinner and ... other things (ah, yeah!)

Do you want what I have? Do you want that Jaguar, mansion in a Pope-free neighborhood and sex toy of an android wife? Do you want to work only 10 seconds a day so you have time to enjoy those things? Fill out the below form and I'll show you how to get it all for the low, low price of $19.95. WHAT??? That's pocket change! How can I offer my system for such a low price? Am I insane? Maybe, but I'm also rich and I don't care.

Seriously, after reading a couple of those how likely are you to pay attention to the third one that comes along?

The problem with EasyHits4U is a lack of blogs that people actually want to read, interact with and visit regularly. Sure, there are a few of them over there, but not nearly enough of them.

That's where you, happy blogger, come in. Want to get some more traffic and give poor slobs like me something interesting to read? Then click right here, sign up and get busy.

Bum-rush the site, kids! Get after it...

A warning!

According to Sheila over at The Ad Master, getting involved with EasyHits4U might be enough to get someone banned from Google Adsense. Frankly, I don't care if I get booted off Adsense or not because those ads get clicked maybe 10 times a week, anyway. It's no great loss as far as I can see.

However, I do want to pass on Sheila's warning. It's certainly something for people who find Adsense beneficial to consider.


spicybugz said...

errr I tagged you! Sorry I had to do it..honest...I had to. :::running::::

Robin said...

Like you, I am pleased with the traffic I receive through EC (although there are some sites that contain the garbage you refer to) but I'm willing to try anything once so I've joined up that other site and will give it a try!


FishHawk said...

Much to my dismay, I have found that android wives are not all that they promise to be.

attygnorris said...

Thanks for the tip. I hadn't heard of this site. There seems to be soooo many that promise to bring traffic. True, Entrecard is probably the biggest, but any little bit can help. I'll check it out.

Thanks for the comment on my blog--you were dead-on!


Karen said...

Ha! Thanks for the heads up on this. I don't think I will waste my time.

HealthNutWannabeDad said...

You mean you can't make $100,000 a week for 10 seconds of work?



Eat Well. Live Well.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Spicybugs -- Actually, that looks like a kinda fun one...

Robin -- Glad you joined. They need some better sites over there. Truly.

FishHawk -- Aww, you're shattering my illusions!

atty -- Glad you joined up. I like it over there. Again, we need some more bloggers involved -- sick of the "spam" sites.

I'm glad you liked the comment. Some people still take marriage seriously, you know?

Karen -- If they could only get rid of the spammy sites, that would be a great service. Hopefully, some bloggers will show up and start dominating the place.

Well, I can always hope.

Paul -- I suspect not!

Anonymous said...

another bad thing about the Easyhits4U you have to make sure you have a good anti virus program. I use avast it free. But do watch out for your pc, and make sure you clean cookies out and do malware scans etc. Yesterday my anti virus warned me twice about some of the websites that pop up on the Easyhits4u. It is a good on traffic i even use it but please make sure you have your pc protected and scan and clean after each visit.

dani c said...

Ya EC works for me far..

sheila said...

Just remember if you have google ads on your site you CAN NOT put them on a traffic exchange, you'll get banned by google.

Ratty said...

It would be nice to see more places like that for bloggers. Those scam sites get pretty annoying. It would make it easier to use something like EasyHits4U if there were more blogs there.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Ghosting Miranda -- Well, the same is true of Entrecard, isn't it? I've got some pretty good anti-virus software on my system and wouldn't dream of being on the Internet at all without it.

Still, I can see your point -- those spammy sites over there might be more risky. My AntiVir has blocked a virus or two over at Entrecard (I wish it could also deal with those funky scripts that keep crashing my browser, but that's another issue).

Dani -- Same here. I still like Entrecard well enough.

Sheila -- I can't find anything conclusive on that. Regardless, I doubt I'd miss Adsense all that much. It takes months to get $100 and cash out anyway because my ads rarely get clicked (my last payout was in November and I've earned a whopping $47 since then).

Still, I should post something warning people that might be a possibility!

Ratty -- That's my point. There are a few blogs on there, but I'd like to see a lot more.

Anonymous said...

knock on wood i haven't ran into trouble with Ecard yet, I am more of the easyhits4u, and blogexplosio fan. I like how they set it up to randomly go with ecard you have to find pages to click unless I haven't discovered an easy way yet