Sunday, March 15, 2009

Daylight savings time makes me hate the government even more

Yes, daylight savings time was inflicted on us a week ago and I still can't get used to it.

It's the same thing every year. We're directed to "spring forward" and I wind up with headaches, insomnia and exhaustion for a couple of weeks. Daylight savings time messes with me something fierce and I hate everything about it.

I hate waking up when it's still dark outside. I hate feeling wide awake when I should be in bed and dog tired when it's time to get up in the morning and head to work. I hate sleeping until about noon on the weekends because my sleep schedule has been ruined.

And daylight savings time has given me -- and a lot of other Americans, I'm sure -- another reason to dislike George W. Bush. That man pushed for extending daylight savings time so as to save energy, so we've got more weeks do deal with it.

Bush, on some level, has managed to either annoy or infuriate most of us. I hope we Republicans actually nominate an honest-to-goodness conservative in 2012. Conservatives tend to work toward limiting the power of the federal government rather than finding ways to use it to annoy and anger people. Leave that kind of nonsense to the Democrats.


Robin said...

I'm totally in agreement with you on this one! Time change should be abolished altogether as it has been in some countries. A few years ago when I was visiting Arizona there was total confusion because the Navaho Indians don't recognize time change on reservation lands.

Speaking of changes, the Republicans in the States better make some major changes if they want to win back the White House and Congress!

Stunatra said...

Yeah, they should get rid of DST. It's useless if the purpose isn't to annoy the hell out of people.

As for 2012, I ain't looking forward to it. Doesn't matter who wins, both parties are working together to destroy the country. I say screw them both.

Denford said...

Come now, Hawg, you voted for Clinton when he was running for Governor, didn't you?

As for Bush, as far as I know, every Republican supported W. Now he is proven to have messed up big time, no GOP person wants to have anything to do with him?

If he was such a Liberal, why do the Dems hate him so much?

I fear at the nest election, the GOP will give you another Bush, whom you will defend again until he or she messes up big time.

Could it be that the GOP is no longer Conservative?

The Natural State Hawg said...

Robin -- Yes, the Republicans will have to make some major changes. Putting conservatives in charge of the party once again would be a start.

Stunatra -- I'm just about to say to hell with both parties, too. The only difference between them seems to be how they want to expand the government rather than whether it should be kept to Constitutional limits.

Denford -- Nope. I actively worked for two gubernatorial candidates that were running against Clinton -- one was a Democrat (in the primaries) and the other was a Republican. The man is white trash.

If by "supporting Bush" you mean that we held our noses and voted for him, I'll agree with you. As rotten as Bush was, I'll maintain that Gore and Kerry would have been worse.

The Dems hate Bush so much because of how he wanted to use the power of the federal government to achieve his goals. If one of their own is the one using the federal government to rob and harass citizens, they're fine with that.

We conservatives, on the other hand, pull for limited government. In my case, all I want is lower taxes and to be left the hell alone.

I will admit you might be right about the next election. The past six have boiled down to a choice between two rotten candidates as far as I'm concerned. Having someone to vote for rather than against for a change would be refreshing.

I will also agree that the Republican party has abandoned the conservative principles on which it was founded. That situation can't last. Conservative ideas win elections, and conservatives will find a party that will hold true to those. If the Republicans can't recognize those simple truths, then the party doesn't deserve to survive. said...

I wish they would use the DST for the spring and summer and then leave it alone.

As for conservatives, I hope someone new comes along that is for limited government. Otherwise, we may get to the point of no return.


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