Friday, April 10, 2009

My little brother hates the ice cream man

How do you know when spring has arrived and warmer, less gloomy days are ahead?

Just watch for the happy-go-lucky ice cream man! Yes, when you see him driving down the road and blaring that "happy" music, you know warm weather is here to stay awhile.

Ah, the jolly ice cream man! He brings delight to both easily excitable children and adults alike, doesn't he? Everyone just loves the ice cream man.

Well, everyone loves him except for my little brother. My brother loathes the ice cream man, in fact, and would love to ban the alleged menace from his neighborhood.

Why does my brother hate the ice cream man so much? Because he has a full-time job and a toddler, that's why. That means my brother is often tired, but can only get a nap when he's at home when he gets my nephew to consent to a nap.

So, the nephew is snoozing, my brother is taking a refreshing nap and what happens? The ice cream man will often show up, park right in front of my brother's driveway and simply shatter those relaxing naps. That's happened to my brother more than a few times, seemingly, as I've heard my brother describe the ice cream man with language that would make a sailor blush.

According to my brother, the ice cream man parks in front of his driveway because of those "blankety, blank, blank kids next door" who flock to the ice cream man and buy his "blankety, blank, blank, blanking blank overpriced, frozen blankety blank garbage."

Screaming kids, that oppressively loud ice cream truck music and the general commotion that surrounds the ice cream man drives my brother up the wall. That proves one thing -- my brother is even grumpier than I am. I've got some catching up to do.

It's going to be a long summer for my brother, I'm afraid. I wish him well.

In the meantime, my daughter was singing a song about the ice cream man the other day and I actually found a version of it on YouTube. If I were you, I'd go ahead and watch it -- it's only about 30 seconds long and you'll laugh so hard you'll break all your furniture. Enjoy:


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

I'm with your brother. I once wrote about my hatred of the ice cream man, actually, the truck. Got nothing against someone trying to make a buck, but come on. People want some peace and QUIET!

BK said...

LOL! Certainly worth the 30 seconds to look at it. :)

Denford said...

Ice cream men and Sunday morning hangovers are mortal enemies, sympathise with your little brother.

By the way, I saw your blog listed at that Add Yours directory and I simply have to ask:

Not content with helping Bill Clinton shoot defenceless rats at the dump, you are now in the habit of stuffing monkeys into barrels?

The Natural State Hawg said...

Junk Drawer -- Well, make that two people who hate seeing the ice cream man.

BK -- Glad you enjoyed it!

Denford -- That's not true! Now let me set the record straight. Back when I was in college, I'd often have Clinton show up at my door.

"Hey, The Hawg," he'd say. "Let's go get some beer, listen to Manowar and then stuff some monkeys into barrels. It'll be fun!"

"Shouldn't you be running the state?"

"Oh, it'll take care of itself."

"Sorry, Bill. I've got a test in the morning. I've got to study. You can borrow man Manowar CDs if you want, though."

So the barrel stuffer is Bill. I hope that clears up everything.

Apollo said...

I do have to admit that the 'ice-cream man music' is pretty annoying.