Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey! I've been married for 10 years!

Yesterday, I posted a photo of my wife, Marci, and me as part of the "Wordless Wednesday" festivities.

Tonight, I'll explain a bit of that photo as part of the dandy "Tell Me Thursday" festivities. Yes, that particular photo is one of the lovely Marci and me way on back in 1999 when we were still newlyweds. Today, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and I couldn't be happier.

We've been through lot. I adopted her son, Michael, who was two-years old when Marci and I got married. She miscarried twice before giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Brenda who is eight years old now. We've each gone through career changes and a life-changing move a few years ago from her native northwest Arkansas to my home turf here in Benton, Ark. We've been through my being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and all the misery that comes with that.

Having been married once before, I was a bit apprehensive about going through all that again. Thanks to Marci, I've learned how great marriage can be and, indeed, how it is supposed to be. I know she'll always be in my corner and that counts for a lot. She's been nothing short of an incredible wife and mother over the past 10 years and this little family's source of constant strength and resourcefulness.

Do I still love my wife after 10 years? You'd better believe it. When I was a kid I was told in church that God has an ideal "someone" for each of us. I thought that was garbage at the time. I'm proud to report I was wrong.

Happy anniversary, Marci. You know, things turned out pretty darned well for us, huh?

7 comments: said...

Congratulations, Hawg!

This upcoming November, my wife and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary as well.

How sweet it is!


Eat Well. Live Well.

Harrison said...

How does it feel to be part of an institution? Congrads.

Don said...

Great! Good for the both of you, and Arkansas is a super place to raise a family for sure.

Beth said...

Congratulations on you 10th Wedding Anniversary!!!

May God Bless your marriage!

MaddieMae said...

Congratulations Ethan and Marci Kay! You've been a wonderful addition to our family and I couldn't imagine it without your sense your humor and your "words of wisdom".

I hope that Buck and I can make it through everything you and my sister have.

May God bless you and your family for years to come.

Love ya'll!!!

Melitsa said...

Congulations. What a tribute! That'll be us next year too.

Tattoo Jim said...

Congrats to both of you!!! That's what it takes... both of you! This June my wife and I will celebrate our 35th year and much like you, do I still love her??? Even more than when we were newlyweds!!! Wonderful wife... wonderful family... it just gets better if both of you are into it!!!