Thursday, June 25, 2009

A cold day in hell?


I have absolutely hated Microsoft for years.

Specifically, I’ve hated that company ever since I got a copy of DOS 4.0 and thought it broke my computer. Yes, that operating system made my computer lock up regularly and that was unusual back then.

I hate Microsoft for Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98. I avoided Windows ME and was stunned when Windows XP turned out to be a solid OS.

I hate the fact that everything in the world is compatible with Microsoft so you feel like an oddball if you’re using something else. I hate the fact my wife blocked my attempts to buy a Mac. I’ve wished that company nothing but ill for about two decades now.

So, when Microsoft does something right – well, that’s worth mentioning. Folks, Windows Live Writer is a heck of a program. It’s free, fast, small and makes blogging a whole lot easier.

I’m using it to deal with this post, in fact, and I love it. What is it? Simply put, it’s a word processor that is dedicated to blogging and it’s far easier to use than the text editors that are built into blogs.

To set up my Windows Live Writer, I simply gave it my blog address and password. The program is now tailored to work with Blogger and I was up and running within seconds after installing Live Writer. And I don’t have to deal with weird things like junk code and such popping up here and there (a problem with more than a few Internet-based text editors). Furthermore, I can simply save a post and get back to it later through Live Writer, pull posts directly from my blog and fool with them through the program and do all sorts of neat things.

One of my favorite features is the photo editing one which allows the user to throw all kinds of effects on a photo (“color pop” and “tilt” are my favorites, and I’ll get around to using that sepia filter one of these days).

While there are some great features that come standard with Live Writer, there’s also a “plug-in” option that allows for some heavy customization of the program. Microsoft maintains a site full of plug-ins and there’s an active community coming up with all kinds of handy stuff.

Every now and again it seems Microsoft can get something right. That’s good to know.


Lyndon said...

Strangely the only thing I miss from my former PC days is Live Writer. Rock solid for what it does and the best thing about it was the fact that it was free.

I don't know who Microsoft left in charge of making Live Writer, but they should get them to work on a few other projects.

Stunatra said...

After reading this post, I downloaded Windows Live Writer and I am impressed. It certainly makes blogging easier. The blogger web interface thingy sucks and I'm glad I found a way to bypass it. Thanks for the referral!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Thats what I use, I have been using it for months and quite frankly, and wouldn't use anything else :D


Btw.. Mac's suck, they're all over priced POS, and the people that I met that use macs are hateful little SNOBBY AHOLES who have nothing but to tell you how much a Windows user sucks.

--- Christopher

The Natural State Hawg said...

Lyndon -- I agree with you. The person or team that came up with Live Writer should be rewarded.

Stunatra -- Glad you can use it. I kind of like the interface, actually...

Christopher -- Why the Mac hate, man? I love those things. Wish I had one.

But, again, I grew up on those things when I was a reporter. When it comes to graphics manipulation, publishing, etc., they are hard to beat.

Hey, I use Windows machines constantly because that's what my wife and employer prefer. Still, I'd rather have a Mac.