Sunday, October 25, 2009

Razorbacks should never play in the morning


Yes, the Arkansas Razorbacks utterly failed against Ole Miss today to the tune of 30-17 on Saturday.

Sadly for the fans of the perinially underachieving Razorbacks, the game started at 11 a.m. Why’s that unfortunate?

Because most of us simply can’t start drinking so early in the day and watching that game sober was a true chore. Yes, it might be easy for a bunch of college kids and 20-somethings to tie on a healthy buzz that early in the day, but some of us have kids and responsibilities to worry about and can’t get good and liquored up to endure a Razorbacks game.

And this game was a horrible one, folks. Watching the Razorbacks lose to a team coached by Houston Nutt is humiliating. That man is about as sharp as a sack of dog poop, yet his team managed to make the Razorbacks look like straight-up fools.

Nutt coached here for a decade and you’d think we’d know better than anyone that he would run the ball constantly. Regardless, Dexter McCluster managed to rack up 332 rushing yards against the Hogs and the defense often looked shocked that a Nutt-coached team would run the damned ball most of the time.

Bobby Petrino was highly touted when he took the head coaching job before last season. He’s now been beaten twice by that moronic Nutt. Twice. The mind boggles. That’s rather like being consistently pranked by the retarded kid in high school.

Meanwhile, I do believe I’ll skip those morning games for the time being.

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