Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shanahan heads to Washington


Well, coaching mastermind Mike Shanahan went and found himself a new job.

Shanahan, of course, was tossed out of his job as the head coach of the Broncos before the season began. The ungrateful bastards in Denver who threw him out on his ear added insult to injury by replacing him with Josh McDaniels – a snot-nosed little punk who didn’t do a thing to earn the job but know the right people.

It didn’t take Shanahan long to find a job – he’s heading to the Washington Redskins. In other words, Denver is stuck with a head coach that’s barely old enough to shave, a no-name quarterback who would probably be panhandling for a living if he wasn't playing football and an angry fan base (you can count me among those irate fans) while Washington stands to benefit from the Broncos’ stupidity. There’s some justice there.

The news of Shanahan’s job was just the icing on the cake during a couple of months that had to be terrible for McDaniels. His team started out 6-0 (based largely on freakish, circus-like plays at the end of games -- who knew that wouldn't last?) then promptly lost 8 of its last 10 games. Two of those losses were to Kansas City (a terrible team this year) and Oakland (even worse) and Denver is out of the playoffs.

After that disastrous end, McDaniels was certainly sent off to his room without dinner. Fortunately, he quit sulking long enough to pull out his “business crayon” and write a statement congratulating Shanahan (you can see his fine penmanship (crayonmanship?) above). Good for him. The young whippersnapper showed a bit of maturity there. McDaniels might yet become a man.

The frustrating thing about all of this is that I pointed out months ago that the Broncos couldn’t have done much worse than McDaniels. He was obviously a terrible hire, so why on earth am I reading articles like this one in which people claim that the Broncos are worse off than they were a year ago? It was obvious that bringing in McDaniels and replacing quarterback Jay Cutler with an anonymous bum like Kyle Orton would result in disaster, so why is anyone surprised? Why in the hell was McDaniels hired in the first place? It makes absolutely no sense.

What is truly hysterical about this article is that the author points out that McDaniels lacks maturity and is too emotional. What did anyone expect? Denver hired a kid to coach its team, so it’s no shock that he’s prone to throwing tantrums and making terrible decisions. Good grief.

Good luck to Shanahan in Washington. It’s absolutely preposterous that he was run out of Denver, so I can’t help but wish him well somewhere else.


Sam said...

hi! how are you? :)

Mystery Man said...

I was a bit shocked to hear he was coming back. Thought he would have held out for San Diego or KC to open so he could stick it to the Broncos.

Funny bit or irony, I've hared the Redskins ever sicne that superbowl in '88. and now they have a former Broncos

as far as McDaniels goes...he is a stubborn brat. he's already forced Cutler out of town becuse he wouldn't play with him and cost the Bronocs a playoff spot by sitting Brandon MArshall.

If there was something he did wrong, then sit him for a quarter or two, fine him, or something, no need to inadvertently cost the team a playoff spot becuse you're too stubborn.

As much as I hope they do well next year, I kind of don't want it at the same time, so he can be run out of town

The Natural State Hawg said...

Mystery Man -- I kind of hope McDaniels stinks it up and gets run out of town, too. It's more than he deserves.

I've got a good story about that 1988 Super Bowl. I was a freshman in college at the time and a lot of us despondent Broncos fans were in my room watching the game.

A gloating Redskins fan showed up and started gloating. We chased him all over the dorm, caught him and stuffed him in a trashcan.

Heh, heh.