Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tell me Thursday – Brenda spends a day at the office


Yesterday, I posted the photo over to the left as my “Wordless Wednesday” entry.

My nine-year-old daughter, Brenda SueCarol, wrote that last week when she spent the day at my office. Why? She wanted to spend the day at work with me (for some reason) and I didn’t object. I’m glad of that – she rather livened up the place.

I learned a few things from my daughter last week. For one thing, the kid can have fun anywhere. I’ve never thought of the office as much fun, frankly, but she found some ways to pass the time. She played on the Internet for awhile (of course), but got bored with that in a hurry.

What did she do to pass the time? Made snowflakes, drew a heck of a lot of pictures, spun around in a chair, ran in circles, ran around visiting with everyone who had some time to spare and sang to us over the intercom system.BrendaAtWork

She also told us one of the rooms in the building was haunted and wrote a two-page story about it. She took her place at the podium in the allegedly haunted room and read her story to a couple of us.

“How long has that ghost been here?” I asked her.

“For 250 years!”

“Brenda, the building is only a year old.”

“Y’all built around the ghost.”

Yeah, that’s my girl. She’s got an answer for everything.

HeadSideburn And so it went. She had a great time going to lunch with my friend Dave and me, telling everyone that I was growing a head sideburn (which, evidently, is that strip of hair that circles a large bald spot) and generally having more fun than anyone’s had in that office (or probably ever will).

Another thing I learned about my daughter is that she has a weird energy reserve. She chattered and ran all over the place from the minute she woke up until we stepped in my car to make that 25 minute commute back home. Before we were even 10 minutes into that drive, she fell asleep in the car.

To be able to run all over the place like a wild child for about 10 hours and then fall straight to sleep when the fun is over must be a great thing. I’m looking forward to my daughter’s next visit and I hope everyone else in the office feels the same way.

This entry is part of the soon-to-be-famous “Tell Me Thursday” event.


Jude said...

That's very unusual for a child to be able to amuse themselves so well in a work environment without getting bored. Sounds like she really livened the place up.

Anonymous said...

lol at your browser...

Arkansas Insurance Committee :P

-- Christopher

Karen said...

It is amazing that she didn't drive anyone batty with that much energy. She must be a very polite child too. Sounds like it was a fun day for her and you. Lol at her falling asleep so quickly.

Cynical Musings/ Jennifer Landsberger said...

I love built the building around the ghost! Kids are so creative.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Jude -- That's one of my favorite things about my daughter -- she can find fun anywhere. I hope she never loses that ability.

And, yes, she did liven up the place quite a bit.

Christopher -- Well, I was fixing to file a complaint with them and had that in my search box when Brenda handed the note to me. I thought it was funny, so I left it in when I cropped the photo!

Karen -- I think she drove one person crazy, but she got over it. Hey, half the people in the office were gone and the rest of us were looking for ways to kill time. An energetic child worked into the mix just fine.

Jennifer -- She is nothing if not creative, my Bren. I love the "ghost" story because she had a quick answer to every hole I tried to punch in it. She can think on her feet. She's smart like her mother and she's a wise-ass like her father. God help the girl.