Sunday, June 17, 2012

Need help finding a place to stay in Scotland?


A couple of years ago a friend of mine visited Scotland with his fiance and some high school buddies.

He had a great time during those two weeks and, frankly, some of us are a bit surprised he ever came home. Yes, the vacation was that excellent.

There were, however, some obstacles to taking his Scotland vacation. It had nothing to do with airfare, making travel arrangements, taking time off work or anything like that. Indeed, his biggest problem was finding a place to stay while on his Scottish holiday.

Here’s the thing – he, like most Arkansans, had no experience with dealing with such things overseas. What kind of places are available for those visiting Scotland? What prices are reasonable? What kind of accommodations can one expect?

Those questions used to be hard to answer until just recently. Yes, the Internet makes it very possible to do some quality research before embarking on such a trip, but even then there’s a problem – what Internet sources are worthwhile and which ones are misleading garbage? A rotten site can, after all, waste your time or even lead you to a scammer ready to swipe your cash in return for nothing.

So, let’s make this easy – click any of the links in this post to find a site that will give you some good advice on quality Scottish accommodations.

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