Sunday, April 2, 2017



I noticed just the other day that I had posted nothing on this blog since Dec. 26, 2015.

For whatever reason, that seemed like a shame. The Internet is full of idiocy, so I feel it necessary to contribute my share. Yes, you are welcome.

Sadly, the blogging world has changed a lot since I started this piece of garbage back in 2008. For example, I cleaned up the list of blogs on my sidebar and got rid of the ones that are inactive or just plain gone. The links dropped from 43 blogs to a mere eight. Clearly things have changed – most of the bloggers I kept up with regularly once upon a time have found better things to do.

Perhaps I should have found something better to do with my time, but I’m stubborn. Hopefully, I’ll continue to have as much fun goofing off on this site as I once did. Will people read it again? Perhaps, but that’s really not the point – the main purpose here was always self-entertainment, anyway.

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