Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Foxworthy update

As I mentioned last week, I sent the ultimate redneck joke to Jeff Foxworthy.

Yes, indeed. I sent old Jeff a career-extending joke by shipping it by e-mail to his agent and following that with a letter to an address I found. One of those items ought to reach the man, right?

For those who don't want to click the above link and read my original post on the whole thing, here's the joke once again:

"If you lost your virginity to a Waffle House waitress,
you just might be a redneck."

I feel the need to explain yet again that I'm not picking on Waffle House per se. I love the Waffle House, but that joke's just a killer.

At any rate, I've not heard back from Foxworthy yet. Perhaps he's busy and hasn't gotten around to reading my joke yet. Perhaps he's still laughing so hard that he simply can't communicate.

So, I'll just have to sit back and wait...

Big Fat Update!

One reader, Jay W., sent in a revision to my joke that is actually superior to what I submitted. Go look in the "comments" section of this post if you want to read his thoughts.

Here is the revised version:

"If you lost your virginity in a Waffle House,
you might be a redneck."

Yes, that's superior to the original and I'm sending along a copy to the Foxworthy himself.

If ever a blogger needed an argument for being bold enough to have a comment section that was free of moderation, this would be it.

In other news

My wife is a wonderful cook and, as such, likes to watch the Food Network. One of the shows that pops up every now and again is Ace of Cakes.

Why do those people always talk like they're on drugs? Very odd.


Lainy said...

Hi Ethan. Thanks for your comment . Your widget is strategically placed, not so hard to locate. This is just fine, at least we could stay a while longer to read some of your entries. See you around!


HawgWyld said...

Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I would just like for people to stick around for a bit and risk seeing some of my ramblings.

I'll see how it works...

Anonymous said...

Maybe he didn't answer yet because your joke is in bad taste? It sucks? I don't know. I saw nothing funny in it but then I am female and I guess that means that maybe it's a guy thing? Dunno

HawgWyld said...

A few things to consider:

1) Do you realize how many people send "the ultimate redneck joke" to Jeff Foxworthy on a daily basis?

2) Isn't it fun to pick on that trend?

Anonymous said...

I think you've got a little sand in your vagina. You either work at Waffle House or you're one of my homeless homies.

Jay W. said...

If you lost your virginity to a Waffle House COOK, you might be a gay redneck.

Uh, on second thought maybe we keep our day jobs.

Jay W. said...

ok I'm returning from my extra long shower where I continued to think about this joke - as well as the Waffle House waitresses I could recall. Most of whom were middle age types - and not cougars - if you catch my drift. You know, heavy smokers who drop the f-bomb rather liberally. However, I recall one or two younger ones on parole that I thought (sobering up at 2am) were - uh - attractive. But I digress.

Here's a re-write of the joke that I think would be more broad reaching and less likely to irritate the more delicate members of the crowd:

If you lost your virginity at a WAFFLE HOUSE, you might be a red neck.

What do you think? Does it lose it's edge?

HawgWyld said...

Jay w.

Lose it's edge? Naw man, that's brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I shall send a revision to the man himself.

Not that he's paying any attention...