Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Westboro Baptists, stay out of my state!

Those loony members of the Westboro Baptist Church made their way down to my beloved Arkansas yesterday (Aug. 18) to protest the funeral of Bill Gwatney.

Gwatney was the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party and he was gunned down last week by some nut who wandered into his office. The nut, by the way, was caught up with a couple of counties south around Sheridan and was shot and killed by police.

Now, the Westboro Baptist bunch -- a group that has been denounced by the Southern Baptist Convention and, honestly, any Christian organization worth its salt -- is full of Kansas white trash who literally hate everything. That's the bunch that runs the Internet site with the provocative title, God Hates Fags, and seems to oppose everything from homosexuality to the United States. The only group that the church doesn't seem to hate is its own members, and one can't help but wonder when the church will turn on some of them, as well.

Those Westboro rascals have also made a name for themselves by protesting funerals of U.S. soldiers who have fallen in Iraq as demonstrated in the photo I've posted (nice touch having the kid wave a sign -- that photo was taken in Tulsa).

So Westboro hate monger Fred "Latent Homosexual" Phelps called his filthy flock together and ordered them to head down to Little Rock and protest the Gwatney funeral. According to Fox 16, a few of them showed up and were largely ignored by the 1,000 or so people who came to pay their respects to Gwatney. Here's the badly-written post that Phelps or one of his minions posted on the Internet calling for a protest:

Pulaski Heights Methodist Church - Dead Democrat Lee Street and N Van Buren God Sent the Shooter - to see a video vignette on this subject go to www.signmovies.net - Whatta you call a dead Democratic Party Chairperson? A good start! (or) Never enough! All kidding aside, can you think of anyone more deserving of death and hell than a supporter of Bill and Hill Clinton? OMG, people! We came to Hot Springs back in the day to picket Virginia Clinton's funeral - you think we're gonna miss this? Not a chance. This guy, Bill Gwatney by name, literally sold his soul to satan: Mt 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Mr 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Lu 9:25 For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away? AMEN!

Kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it? That rambling mess is one, big batch of concentrated crazy and one must wonder what kind of nuts feed off this slop.

That Westboro bunch is intriguing in that it's one of those groups that just brings people together -- we Republicans and those Democrats can certainly agree that none of us can stand that group, right?

Now, I have little patience for protesters, anyway, and I'm thrilled I haven't had to deal with many of them since war broke out in Iraq when I lived in northwest Arkansas. Those neo hippies were merely an annoyance -- a bunch of kids from the University of Arkansas who had nothing better to do than wave their snarky signs and get in my way when I was trying to drive to work. They were mostly harmless and generally tolerated.

This Westboro bunch, however, goes beyond annoying. They're downright despicable. Groups like that one almost always fall back on the First Amendment and declare that gives them license to say whatever they want. I'd caution, them, however. The First Amendment -- the entire Bill of Rights -- protects citizens from the government. When it comes to protecting citizens from each other, that's a different ball of wax, isn't it? Citizens are generally protected from each other through the various laws throughout the criminal code in any given state, but how sympathetic to Westboro malcontents will the judicial system be if irate citizens pounce on them and start knocking heads?

The folks at Westboro might thing twice before loading up the truck and heading down to Arkansas in the future. My fellow Arkies don't take kindly to this kind of nonsense and tend to whack people with sticks when they push their luck once too often.

Do us all a favor and stay out of my state, Westboro punks. You're not welcome here.


The Mad Dog said...

They'll burn themselves out eventually...hate mongers always do. They fuel themselves from the negative reactions of others. I've dealt with a few of their type over the years, and I ignore them every time. Ignore them and watch them VERY closely.

Unknown said...

Sometimes that "love one another" thing is really hard to do.

Reflections Magazine editor said...

I feel sorry for these folks who only know how to hate. Can you imagine how sad their lives must be? There is nothing Godly about those who spread hatred and fuel their bodies and souls on negativity and persecution. They are ignorant, spoiled and weak. By no means do they serve God; in fact, they are clearly serving the devil and spewing his evil through out this country.

Actually, I believe they "are" serving a purpose. To know what is good, we must also see the face of evil. It gives us something to compare, doesn't it?

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Some people should invest their time in a nice hobby. They should also try to think on their own instead of being led around like a bunch of zombies looking for human flesh to devour.

mknobles said...

As the Hawg can tell you, I was in the military, and come from a large military family. If this group were to come to a funeral of a fallen soldier from my family or a friend of my family, they will be wishing god would help them. I have no tolerance for this kind of stuff, and as my husband so aptly put it, I will knock heads together. There is a proper place and time for protests and a military funeral is not one of them. Those soldier's died in the line of duty, so that we the American people, and those morons from Kansas can have the freedoms we have today and forever.
Everytime someone sees a military person they should be thanking them.
Okay I am done ranting now.

HawgWyld said...

the mad celt:

One can only hope, yeah?

HawgWyld said...


Yep. The best thing to do is keep away from nuts like that.

HawgWyld said...

the fearless blog:

You are exactly right -- how can we know what evil really is unless we have some clear examples of it from time to time?

HawgWyld said...


They really do need a constructive hobby, don't they? One thing I wonder is how they can afford to go running around the country protesting everything that annoys them.

Seriously. Where do they get the cash?

HawgWyld said...

Marci Kay:

You tell 'em, honey!

By the way, everyone wish Marci a "happy birthday!"

And, on, I won't reveal your age, wifey...

Sandee said...

Wow, I hadn't heard this. We have a few nuts around here too. :)

HawgWyld said...


We've got a few nuts around Arkansas, too. More than a few, actually.

However, these nuts are imported, carptebagging nuts!

Jay W. said...

Charlie Mansen had a similar flock. They're nut jobs. But nut jobs are scary - Mad Celt is wise when he says watch them "VERY" closely but from a distance.
When economic times get rough, this extremist activity increases. Maybe it's human nature to blame someone else, some other group, something other than me - when things aren't going well in my life.

Jay W. said...

oh yeah, way to go Ark. State Police. You saved us hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars by taking care of that for us in the street where it started.

HawgWyld said...

Jay W.:

Yeah, hard times call out the extremists, for sure. Remember what a bone-crushing depression did for the Nazi party, after all.


Anonymous said...

If people like these used the energy they expend spreading hate and crazy on something more worthwhile like say prayer, bathing or getting an education, the world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

I've faced these dirtbags down several times here in the swamp. They are the scum of the earth. Many times I wondered how they have survived without getting their asses kicked.

When they do show up we, Florida Patriot Guard, usually turn our back to them and hold old Glory so the family can't see their hateful signs. If the creeps sing and make noise, we fire up a few bikes and drown them out.

These inbred cretins are mostly lawyers and they thrive on suing anyone who crosses them. Ironic, they exercise the right to free speech that these very veterans died protecting.

HawgWyld said...

trinab -- You said it! It does take a lot of energy to hate that much -- energy that would be better spent elsewhere.

da frog -- Thank God for the Patriot Guard, and I mean that literally. My wife is an Army veteran and she loves you cats. Keep up the good work!

I didn't know those Westboro thugs were lawyers. It makes sense. I'm a recovering lawyer and my opinion of a lot (not all) people in that profession is decidedly low.

Why? Because the legal system is easily abused by those totally lacking in scruples. People much like the Westboro punks...