Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where the heck is my Broncos game?

How do you like that old school Denver Broncos logo?

Yes, that can only mean one thing -- football season is in full swing and The Hawg is already mad about something.

Why? Let me explain. I've been a Broncos fan since that old school logo I posted here was relatively new. When it's football season, I don't bother much with anyone else in the NFL but Denver.

How much do I like Denver? I'll put it this way. Back in 1988 the Broncos were getting stomped in the Super Bowl by the Redskins. I was a college freshman and was watching the game in my room with about a dozen other dejected Broncos fans. A Redskins fan showed up and started running his mouth.

We chased him through the dorm, grabbed him and shoved him a trash can. He had it coming.

You do realize why there are 32 teams in the NFL, don't you? That's so Denver can have someone to play.

At any rate, I was all set to watch the Broncos play this afternoon, so I turned over to CBS and was greeted with -- the Jets/Patriots game.

What the hell? Who makes these decisions? I was all ready to fire off an angry letter to the pinhead at CBS and had imagined it would read something like this:

Dear Mr. P. Head:

What the hell, man?

Warmest regards,
The Hawg

I figured that would do no good, however, so I started thinking up a new plan. I need to invest in one of those football packages so I can do what God intended and watch the mighty Broncos whenever they take to the field. The network guys are obviously heathens and can't be counted on to air the Broncos here in central Arkansas, so I'll have to take matters into my own hands if I want to watch America's team -- God's favorite team! -- play.

There are two problems with that plan, however. First of all, I'm a cheap bastard and things like football packages cost money. I don't like spending money. Second, my wife hates the Broncos and probably wouldn't go for spending money on a package so I could watch the Broncos all season.

I am ashamed, by the way, to be married to an anti-Broncite. She's a Dallas fan. Oh, the pain!

I'll still think about that football package, of course. That might be the way to go.

I did get to see the last quarter of the Broncos game after that snooze fest that the Patriots and Jets participated in ended. I'm proud to say that the Broncos beat the Chargers and that puts my lads at 2-0. The first when of the season, of course, came last week when they simply ground the Raiders into the dirt.

There's one thing I can't help but mention about that Broncos-Chargers game, however. I'll say it once and then never repeat it:

The Chargers were totally robbed!

It's true. Any Chargers fan knows what I'm talking about. Denver clearly fumbled the ball in the last few seconds of the game, a bonehead official ruled it an incomplete pass, Denver took over on the Chargers' 10-yard-line and promptly won 38-37. Calls like that stink because you just know your team will get popped with one of those eventually.

Go right here if you want to read about the controversial calls against San Diego for yourself. Hey, I'm a Broncos fan and even I was wondering what the heck was happening.

In addition to the Broncos winning their home opener on Sunday, another great thing happened in the NFL -- Darren McFadden rushed for 164 yards and scored a touchdown. McFadden, a former Arkansas Razorback, is a rookie and a first-round draft pick for the Raiders.

He set all sorts of records for the Hogs and we're all hopeful he'll make a big splash in the NFL. He ought to be playing for Denver, of course, but it's good to see a local kid doing well in the pros, regardless.

Oakland went on to beat the Chiefs in Kansas City, 23-8. Keep an eye on McFadden. He may well make a lot of defenses cry in the years to come.


Our friend Theresa Komor over at A Bumpy Path and Eyebald got the lead story this morning in the Daily Citizen of Searcy, Ark. Way to go, Theresa!


FishHawk said...

It might have something to do with the programming director of your local CBS affliate? For the Broncos/Chargers game was broadcast in all of its refereeing glory up here in Springfield, MO.

P.S.: It is good to see that you have a semblance of honor. For between the non-fumble that the refs gave the Broncos earlier in the game and the fumble that the refs did not give the Chargers just before the end of the game, someone needs to be paying close attention to betting lines somwhere.

I can't speak for you having much good sense, however. HOW 'BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!

GumbyTheCat said...

That was one hell of a game. said...


You call yourself an avid Broncos fan, yet no love for Arkansan Peyton Hillis? Ha! Ha! Ha!

He is now starting for the Broncos, and they had a little write-up about him here in the Conway newspaper.

And last night, I came in from cleaning up the yard, due to Hurricane Ike, and wanted to watch some of the Steelers-Browns game on NBC. When I turned it to channel 4, the screen was blank! It stayed like that until I went to bed.


The Natural State Hawg said...

FishHawk -- I missed the first fumble, of course, because I was stuck with that crummy Jets/Patriots game. Yeah, when the Chargers got robbed it was pretty bad. However, the end result was the correct and right one -- Denver won.

Now, as for those Cowboys. I'm kind of neutral on them. I hear some people kind of like that team, though. Go figure...

GumbyTheCat -- Wish I could have seen the whole thing...

Paul -- Oh, I know all about Hillis. He just hasn't done much yet. Oh, he's gotten a few yards and he dropped a pass last week, but I'll save that bragging for when he turns in some impressive performances.

The Steelers-Browns game was, by the way, ugly...

Mystery Man said...

I feel your pain about not wanting to see the game you want. For me down here, it seems like I have no choice but to watch the Saints, Texans, or Jaguars. That would be fine and dandy, but I'm not a Texan or Jaguar fan, and detest the Saints!

I've loved th Broncossince 4th grade and miss that logo, but I don't miss the bright orange

Da Old Man said...

Up here in NJ, we get the best football imaginable, the Giants, every week. And every week is a doubleheader, but unfortunately the second game is the Jets. Always. Every single game. We love the bye weeks, just so we don't have to watch the Jets. And that even includes Jets fans.

Da Old Man said...

Forgot to add, yeah, the Broncos got away with one, but they had the guts to go for a 2 point conversion to win it. They took advantage of a lucky break call. Lot of other teams would have lost anyway.

Rich Dansereau said...

I have been a been an NFL Sunday Ticket person for about four years now and love it; no I don't work Direct TV or anything. I appreciate being able to see the games I want. It is a bit of money but I had to do it.

I am not sure what is wrong with the Chargers (insert Philip Rivers derogatory remark here) Just because Tomlinson is hurt does not mean there isn't still a whole team there. That would be like the Jets counting on Favre and without him they didn't have...

Your broncos look considerably improved over last year. Glad Cutler was able to comeback as strong as he has.

BTW, I wanted to extend an invitation to participate in the weekly blog carnival that I host on Athletic Alley! If you follow the backlink, you will see the blog carnival in the right hand column.

lala said...

Gee, I thought God's team is the Cowboys.


I'm not surprised that's who your wife roots, most Arkies do.

You, my friend, are a minority.


Sherry Martschink said...

I'm passing along to you the "I Love Your Blog Award." You certainly deserve it. Details on my site on the 9/15/08 post. I realize you've gotten this award before, but not from me. So, here's to ya!
You're great!

The Natural State Hawg said...

Mysteryman -- Funny thing about those uniforms -- I hated the new ones. They looked a lot better after Denver won a couple of Super Bowls in them, though.

Da Old Man -- Who the hell watches the Jets? Seriously...

And, yes, that was a gutsy call. Loved watching Denver make the bold move there.

Rich -- We've got something similar to Sunday Ticket on Dish Network. I need to grab it...

I need to head over to that blog. Ah, you just need more slop about the Broncos and the Razorbacks.


Lala -- You're killing me, Lala. Ouch!

I used to like the Cowboys. That is, of course, until Jerry Jones showed up, fired Tom Landry and started recruiting every thug player he could find.

Sherry -- Thank you! I'll pick that up soon...

lala said...

lol...funny that you say that, that is exactly the time when my dad quit rooting them too and for the same reason.