Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ace in Space?

Some of you folks may know about this already, but I thought it was too dandy not to mention.

I was at Ace Frehley's official Web site last night as I want to know when his new album, Anomaly, will be released. I couldn't find out much about the new album other than what the cover art looks like, but I did find something incredible -- Ace Frehley wants to go to outer space.

Yes, according to the Ace to Space site, the legendary Frehley is making plans to go to space, write about the experience, and even record some stuff. Folks, I'm all for it.

I grew up listening to KISS and Ace was always my favorite. Frankly, the band just hasn't been the same without him as who the hell could every replace Ace's "meat and potatoes" guitar licks, laid-back cool and innate sense of what fans want to hear? Just listen to the band's 1980s output and it's pretty obvious that KISS just isn't as much fun without Ace and his magical Gibson Les Paul.

Besides, Ace's shtick was that he was a friendly, visiting alien sent to earth to extend greetings from his home planet and develop a rapport with earth by rocking out on songs like "Parasite," "Dr. Love," "Shock Me" and the unparalleled "Rocket Ride." It only makes sense to actually send the man to space and let his fans revel in his zero-gravity hijinks, doesn't it?

How cool was Rocket Ride? Here's a clip:

So, I'm officially on the "Ace to Space" bandwagon. Get on there yourself. Rarely do you see efforts that combine this much hilarity and awesomeness in equal measure.


ER Burn The Fat said...

"We party every day! Ah! Gonna rock n' roll all night!"

JD at I Do Things said...

After watching that video, I now understand the Ace love. I'd certainly rather see him in space than that awful Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley. FAME WHORES!


chilly said...

I totally agree, Send Ace to space!
Only one thing better would be to send me along too. ;-)
Awesome read!


The Natural State Hawg said...

ER Burn the Fat -- And partying in space, no less...

JD -- Ah, so now you understand why Ace quit the band, huh?

Chilly -- Maybe you can film it for him!

麻辣鴨血Maggie said...