Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stupid, stinking winter

I absolutely detest winter.

That's one of the reasons I love living in Arkansas. Winters are mild and I've seen one foot of snow on the ground maybe three times in my life.

Right now, however, we're dealing with threats of ice and snow across the Natural State and I hate it. An inch or more of ice has fallen in a lot of areas in the northern half of the state and it appears some of that junk may hit here in central Arkansas by morning.

That's a huge problem, of course, as a funny thing happens when you dump a lot of frozen participation on people who aren't used to it -- we Arkies can't drive on this garbage so car wrecks are common when there's any ice at all on the roads. Also, sleet and freezing rain tends to weigh down pine trees, thus causing branches to snap power lines. There's nothing worse than dealing with cold, miserable weather and sitting in a dark house for a few days.

Thank God we've got a fireplace here at Casa de Hawg in case we lose power. There's a funny thing about our fireplace logs, however -- they're magic. I need to find some more of this wood and build a house with it because this stuff doesn't burn worth a damn. If a fire ravages my home, we'd lose everything but those blasted, flame resistant logs.

So I've spent the evening watching the weather, hoping that steady rain outside doesn't turn into sleet at some point, cussing fireplace logs and generally being cold and miserable. Even the central heating in my house is against me -- it's running just fine, but I can't shake that miserable chill I always get when it's too cold and too wet outside.

Frankly, I never understood people who enjoy this slop. I was in Iowa one December for a week and the high temperature during that time was 8 degrees. I'd make some comment about how cold it was and I learned Iowa residents love to brag about how cold it gets.

"This isn't cold," they'd say. "I'll tell you all about cold. Why, there was one winter when it was so cold that the dog froze to death and bloppity, bloppity, blah, blah, blah."

Phooey on that. I did admire something about those winter-loving Iowa folks, though. If a blizzard hit, they'd simply wake up, plow the streets and go about their business like nothing happened. Here in Arkansas, we shut down entire towns for a couple of days if a snowflake hits the ground and sticks.

I do hear people gripe about our hot, humid summers in Arkansas. Again, phooey. If you're too hot, quit being a sissy, put on a pair of shorts and have a glass of iced tea. You can deal with summer, see, but this winter stuff is for the birds. I'd much rather put on a pair of shorts and sweat a little bit then slide across my driveway, attack my windshield with one of those ice scrapers that never seem to work right and dodge maniacs who haven't figured out that a four-wheel-drive vehicle will slide into a ditch the same as any other car when you slam on the brakes.

Fortunately, ice and snow are unusual here as 40 and 50-degree days are common in the winter. Still, we've got a couple of months left to worry about Mother Nature being an absolute bitch and dumping a bunch of ice on us.

I'm looking forward to April.


Sherry said...

We have relatively mild winters in coastal SC as well; February is usually the coldest and iciest month. The last few weeks have been strange, though. It might be 75 one day and 40 the next.

JD at I Do Things said...

I hate snow (only because I have to shovel it and it makes driving difficult), but I have to say, I'm slowly moving toward the dark side of preferring cooler weather to warmer. Which is weird, because I love going away to steamy hot places in the winter.

Krissi said...

At last count we have almost 2 inches of ice and sleet, last night to add to the madness mother nature thought it a GREAT Freakin idea to add a little snow to the mix!!


(small side note, we at least have power, only by the grace of God)

Da Old Man said...

The driving thing is universal. Here in NJ, we got hit by a big storm last night, and all the radios did this morning was list school closings and where the accidents were. No one can drive in snow. (except me)

Matt said...

We got ice all afternoon yesterday and overnight. Woke up this morning to 1/4 ti 3/8" solid ice on the roads (and everything else). Fun times. said...

Hawg, are you ready for some football?!

There's a reason why they play the Super Bowl in California, Florida or indoors!

This morning, we woke up and the promised ice was nowhere to be seen. It seems that it didn't get quite cold enough here in central Arkansas.

Boy, Dylan, our sixteen year old, was quite depressed that he had to go to school! Ha! Ha! Ha! I told him it was better to go now than to have to make it up at the end of the school year - when it's steaming hot, you have to wear shorts and iced tea is nowhere to be found in the school cafeteria.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Sherry -- We've had the same kind of thing going on here. You know, some parts of Australia never get below 50 degrees. Sounds nice.

JD -- Fight it, JD. Fight it!

Krissi -- Glad you've got power, at least. Stay safe!

Da Old Man -- I'm glad to hear you've got superior driving skills. You need to start the "Crotchety School of Driving During Crappy Conditions" and franchise it. You'd be a rich man.

Matt -- At least you Texas folks are sane when that happens. You stayed home, right? Stay warm...

Paul -- I had the same joy this morning -- watching my son grumble about having to go to school.

And, yeah, I'm ready for some football. Arizona's going to win it all. I can feel it.

*lynne* said...

Well, this is my third Chicago winter, and it's been brutal. and I come from Malaysia, where it's hot and humid all year long. Ugh.

The Natural State Hawg said...

lynne -- I wouldn't able to stand one winter in Chicago, much less three. If I moved anywhere, it would likely be to the Dallas/Fort Worth area where it's generally hot and humid.