Friday, January 30, 2009

Congratulations, Jeffrey!

Over the past year, my nephew has had a lot of decisions to make.

Jeffrey is a high school senior and was considering heading to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, after graduation, going to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point or maybe just joining the Marines.

He's off to West Point and members of my wife's family -- the majority of whom are military veterans -- couldn't be prouder. Truth be told, I'm proud of young Jeffrey, too.

Of course, there's not much of a military history to speak of in my family. My dad was in the Navy in the 1960s while my uncle was a Marine in Vietnam. Prior to my dad's generation, members of my family didn't much care for joining the military.

An ancestor fought for the Confederacy during the War Between the States, see, so joining the military was viewed as essentially enlisting to fight for a foreign, occupying power. True story and not surprising considering all the hard feelings in these parts as a result of the Reconstruction.

At any rate. my nephew's decision to use his considerable talents to serve his country is nothing short of commendable. One thing that I thought was particularly dandy is that, last night, Jeffrey got a call from Congressman John Boozman, a Republican from Arkansas' 3rd District.

Boozman called to congratulate Jeffrey on his acceptance to West Point. My nephew applied to West Point through Boozman's office and then go through a highly selective process before he was invited to attend the academy. The fact he made it through all of that says quite a bit about him, doesn't it?

So, congratulations to Jeffrey. I'm sure he'll do well.


Jude said...

Congrats to Jeffrey on his acceptance. I can hear in your words how very proud you are of him, I'm sure he must be beaming right now, good job.

James W said...

Congratulations! My dream of Annapolis went down the tubes due to poor eyesight, and I still wish I had gone. I am not sure I really had the discipline I needed, though. I wish you the best of luck and think that it is fantastic when you can get a well-earned education without being saddled with student loans for 200 years.

Da Old Man said...

Congratulations to Jeffrey on his appointment.

Karen said...

Wow! That is awesome. We just found out our son was presented a full scholarship to law school. Trouble is it isn't the school he was hoping to go to. Decisions, decisions.

Matt said...

This is awesome news. Congratulations are most certainly in order. What an incredible opportunity for Jeffrey.

ER Burn The Fat said...

Only the top of the line get into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Congratulations Jeffrey on your appointment.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Jude -- He's either beaming or nervous as hell. He knows he's got his work cut out for him.

Fortunately, he's up to the challenge. Bright kid, young Jeffrey.

James -- That is a great deal, isn't it? And I've warned him about choosing the law as a profession, so don't worry about that ;)

I wouldn't have cut it in a military academy, I'm afraid. It's like someone said about me the other day -- "He just hates authority."

Da Old Man -- He's getting a lot of pats on the back these days.

Karen -- Good for your son. I didn't get offered a blasted thing when I went to law school. I had a great GPA, but no scholarship offers at all.


Matt -- That is a great opportunity for him, indeed. He's the type of kid who knows it, too.

ER Burn the Fat -- Yep. They take only the best, I understand. And my nephew is among them. Very cool... said...

You have to be nominated in order to get into one of the military academies.

Congratulations Jeffrey!