Friday, January 20, 2012

Weekend OTR: Tales of the Texas Rangers -- 'Blood Trail'

For over a year now, First Arkansas News has posted at least one old time radio episode a week in its Weekend OTR series.

That's worked out well enough, but there's a bit of a problem -- First Arkansas News is, strictly speaking, a news site and the series has always seemed somewhat inappropriate as it's all about recycling content rather than creating anything new. Still, there is value in sharing old time radio shows for people to enjoy. It just seems more appropriate to post these episodes on this site as it's geared for such things. To that end, First Arkansas News (which is owned by me) is moving it's weekend OTR series here at The Natural State Hawg (also owned by me).

The episodes themselves are courtesy of If you're an old time radio fan, you owe it to yourself to pay that site a visit. While you're at it, head on over to First Arkansas News' Lum and Abner page every Sunday to read a new, original comic strip featuring those two beloved Arkansas boys who made good in the world of old time radio.

Having said that, click the below link to enjoy this weekend's show and make sure to stop in next weekend to enjoy another old time radio program.

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