Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Come on, Jeff. Give The Hawg a break!

Just over two weeks ago, I sent Jeff Foxworthy the ultimate redneck joke by mail, both "e" and "snail."

I haven't heard a peep out the man and I'm starting to get restless. Has the ultimate redneck joke been buried under an avalanche of fan mail? Has Foxworthy casually dismissed the ultimate redneck joke?

Of course, my regular reader knows that the ultimate redneck joke has evolved since I originally sent it, thanks to the suggestion of one Jay W. In it's current form, the ultimate redneck joke is:

If you lost your virginity in a Waffle House,
you might be a redneck.

Ah, yeah! That's the stuff right there. That's a killer.

Alas, however, I'm destined to wait just a bit longer it looks like. Should I see Foxworthy on television using my joke without getting in touch with me first, however, I'll have to sic the Super Weasel Lawyer Team on him. He doesn't want that to happen, folks -- that Super Weasel Lawyer Team is completely devoid of ethics and they love nothing more than burying hapless defendants in pleading after pleading.

Give The Hawg a break, Jeff. Come on, man!


A Master Networker said...

rumor is...

Britany lost her virginity at the Waffle House..

shortly after leaving an all night party at the trailer park..


The Natural State Hawg said...

Ah. That could well be!

The Mad Celt said...

Now how am I supposed to be a serious student of life if you keep causing me to snort my morning coffee through my nose?! Again...too funny. Thanks.

The Natural State Hawg said...

the mad celt:

Heh, well, life doesn't have to always be serious! There's more to life than just working at jobs we hate and that's why blogging is such a great thing -- we can all have our little corner of the web to goof off in and that's nothing but fun!