Monday, March 30, 2009

Music Monday -- Toni Basil!

If this one doesn't make you grin like an idiot, you've got no soul.

Before (or after) watching Ms. Basil hop around and sing "Hey Mickey," why not head over to another blog o' mine, Straight shooting real estate, and read this important announcement about a policy change at I'm starting to like that Today site -- I really am.

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Bob said...

I'm not posting any more of your lies and half truths. You probably owned a Ford in the last 10 years that was 6 years old, making it a a 1992 or 1993 for all I know. Continue buying your Toyota and watch this country go down the tubes along with all the manufacturers in this country.

The Natural State Hawg said...

You do well enough posting lies and half truths on your own, Bob old bean.

Have fun with your retirement. I hear Subaru is hiring.