Friday, April 3, 2009

A keyless lock? I want one!

That 12-year-old son of mine (the rascal) gets home from school before my wife and I get home from work every night.

So, he's got a house key. He's had several of them, in fact. That kid would lose his head if it wasn't screwed on tight and he's misplaced a ton of house keys. Yes, he'll come home from school, throw his backpack on the floor, toss his key somewhere and the thing will just vanish (magic!) So we've got a few spares around here.

Now, the folks over at Axxis Biometrics have come up with something that looks downright ideal for Casa de Hawg -- a keyless lock system. As the name implies, there are no keys to worry about when you've got a keyless lock on the exterior doors of your home. The locks pick up on your fingerprint and that's very convenient.

That's right. No more keys to lose. No more buying a slew of keys for your a kid who careless throws his house key here and there. No more worrying that said careless kid dropped left the key at school or in some other public place so that anyone who happened buy could have access to your home.

A keyless lock system, in my mind, is right up there with sliced bread, the tankless water heater, the Fender Stratocaster electric guitar and a host of other technological marvels. Just think about it -- if you've got a finger, you can access a keyless lock system and not worry about keeping up with a house key.

And, get this -- the systems from Axxis can be programmed to allow temporary access when necessary. That's right -- set it up so the cleaning service, the neighbor feeding your pets when you're on vacation and other people can access your home temporarily.

It's a nifty little device, to be sure. I need to get one at some point.


Mystery Man said...

they have keyless locks for cars, why not houses. we have the technology...let;s build

Danny Thornton said...

I am thinking before long that the locksmiths will no longer be needed and the junkyards will be full of unused keys.

fwaggle said...

Except that most finger print readers can be foiled with things like cellophane tape, or even gummy bears. :(