Monday, March 30, 2009

A red letter day for The Hawg!

Folks, Friday was a great day. A wonderful day. A red letter day.

Why? Because three great things happened to me at once and that's unusual. Well, if you're a kid that's not unusual, but such fine days are hard to come by when you're an adult.

First of all, I got my new modem in a few days earlier. As I griped about just last week, my DSL modem up and died on me. I called AT&T about it and they said to expect a replacement modem on Wednesday. It arrived five days early, so I had my Internet access back. That's good news.

What else was in the mail? Why, my shiny, new bicycle! Yes, I had some money sitting in my PayPal account, thanks to my engaging in some of that mean ol' paid posting (I love the stuff). Rather than spend a bunch of cash on a great bicycle, I saved some money and found one that's decent -- a Kent Sierra Madre with an aluminum frame and a Shimano gear set.

I love the thing and I've truly appreciated the opportunity to learn just how out of shape I am. I'll be riding that thing quite a bit, I believe, and I'll let that paid posting money build up until I can figure out the exact bike I need and have the money to get it.

Ah, and my wife will be riding a bike with me. Why? I got a check in from my Epinions account and was able to buy her a dandy cruiser. Her bike has a coaster brake, no gears and she loves it. Soon we'll both be in shape, right? I had enough left over to grab my daughter a new softball bat and I got my son a bike to replace my old Schwinn Mag Scrambler that he'd been riding (truth be told, he likes the old Schwinn more, but at least he doesn't have to feel like he's peddling around on a hand-me-down).

All in all, Friday was a great day.


GPARTHA said...

congrats on your achievement
astrologically when moon sits on the fourth house such things happen on the same day
even a bank acct will improve
some longlost money will come thro
water supply will improve at home
it is called a fourthouse effect
similar day will pass thro next year also
enjoy partha easyracing

Da Old Man said...

Nice ride, Mr. Hawg. Good luck with it.

HealthNutWannabeDad said...


Did Christmas come early this year?

I splurged and bought myself a new bike a few weeks ago. My wife has a nice bicycle too, and took it in for a tune up.

So we plan to be riding on a regular basis as well. In fact, we have a baby seat on my bike for Brady, and have already been scooting across town, including the Hendrix College campus.

Have a great day!


Eat Well. Live Well.

john said...

im determined to get back on my bike and start riding. congrats

Sherry said...

Congratulations on a fabulous Friday.

I haven't yet started getting paid to blog, but want to find out more about it.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Gpartha -- Wow. Some of that astrology stuff huh.

Had an astronomy instructor back in high school. Drove him up the wall when we referred to "astronomy" as "astrology."

We did that often just to watch him grind his teeth.

Da Old Man -- Thanks, Crotchety! I'm having fun and wearing myself out on it.

Paul -- You mentioned peddling around Hendrix. That sounds like a kick. I'd avoid the pecan court, however (assuming they still have it).

John -- Hey, it's fun. Go to it. We're only putting in a few minutes a day right now because our physical conditioning is pitiful.

We'll build that back up, however.

Sherry -- I've sent you an e-mail all about it.

I should write an eBook -- "Blogging for Dollars The Hawg Way."

Nah. Can't see myself writing a whole book when my only trick, really, is maintaining a decent PR/Alexa ranking and grabbing tasks off of Blogvertise.

Rebecca said...

WOOOO! Paid posting rocks, eh? My bike-riding days are over, but I got a new computer last year with my earnings. Plus, I buy all the groceries for our famliy of six with the earnings!

Great job. Have a blast!

The Natural State Hawg said...

Rebecca -- Now, THAT'S an accomplishment! A new computer and grocery money, huh? Very, very impressive.