Friday, April 3, 2009

Shameless self promotion!

Folks, every now and again something good happens and you've just got to mention it so many times that you get annoying.

I'm doing that right now.

Last month, I agreed to do some freelance real estate reporting for the Daily Record here in Little Rock, Ark. That move, of course, has caused much rejoicing in Little Rock. Riots between The Hawg fans and our less enlightened citizens have broken out throughout central Arkansas, too.

Well, that's not true. However, it has netted me some extra cash and I've gotten to use my long-dormant skill of reporting. Yes, I've spent most of my career writing for newspapers and I've missed working in journalism. I get to keep my toe in that world, at least, while still holding down my more lucrative public relations job. That's not a bad deal.

And the Daily Record gig is perfect for me as work in public relations in real estate. So I do pick up on a lot of great stories. Here is the latest batch of them so click away like crazy:

* A profile on Greenbrier Realtor Rhonda Rowlett

* An article about the joys of refinancing mortgages at low interest rates

* Home rentals on the rise?

Meanwhile, should anyone be interested in real estate markets in Arkansas, I've posted the February market report on behalf of my employer (the Arkansas Realtors Association) and I've talked about it a bit, too. Read all about that by clicking right here.

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